DIY Mini Hat Garlands Are The Cutest And Coziest Christmas Decorations

We honestly can't believe how adorable these little mini garland hats are and have to admit, we've been dying to try making our own.

There's nothing quite as cute as DIY Christmas decorations that are fun and festive. They can truly make Christmas decor come together and look gorgeous in any home. Use the hats as ornaments on your tree, or string them together for a truly cozy garland!

Christmas magic can sometimes come in small packages.

These mini garland hats look so comfy and cozy, and have us thinking about getting a matching beanie.

They may look a bit challenging to make, but TikTok user @sarahliw breaks the process down so anyone can make their own DIY garland hats!

These hats are made of recyclable materials.

@sarahliw explains to audiences that they will need scissors, a small notebook or book, yarn, some cotton balls and an empty gift wrap roll.

All of these items can be easily gathered at the Dollar Store, which means for a bunch of adorable hats, it will only cost around $5.

Best of all, they're all recyclable items that you may even already have at home.

Soon, you won't be able to stop making these hats.

The process really is simple yet effective and extremely creative. You'll need to start by picking up the empty roll and then cutting a thin slice that's around a half an inch. Every slice makes a new hat.

Then, you'll wrap your yarn around the small book or notebook as far as it can go, and cut the yarn. Tie the knots around the pieces of the roll with the yarn.

You'll then tie a knot in an "n" shape and then keep going until the roll is covered and it's time to add the optional pieces for a pom-style garland hat.

These DIY hats are getting better and better.

Once you've mastered the first garland hat tutorial, it may be time to try @sarahliw's tutorial on Christmas gnomes.

These cuties are made using the same method as the garland hats, so don't be intimidated. If you're interested in making your own adorable garland of cozy hats, make sure you check out the original TikTok video for all the steps!

Let us know in the comments what you think and if you plan to try making these mini garland hats.