Just More People Who Realized They Look Exactly Like A Celebrity

Have you ever been walking on the street and someone stopped you because they thought you were famous? It happens more often than you might think.

Some people share so much in common with their celebrity doppelgangers, that they've come to make a living off it! Have a look and see even more people who realized they look exactly like a celebrity.

Meghan Flockhart could have been Emma Watson's stunt double.

They have the same face, that same crooked smile, and Meghan even has the robes to boot!

I bet she could make a killing at Comic-Con by pretending to be Emma.

Iza IJzerman could totally pass as Gigi Hadid.

Am I right? It's the lips that do it for me. That signature pout is all Gigi but Iza seems to have it down pat.

What do you guys think? Agree or disagree?

Ty Jones looks like Ed Sheeran's mini-me.

Ty looks like Ed Sheeran going through puberty! In case Ty happens to be reading this, I mean that as a compliment.

If Ty wore a thick pair of black glasses, I doubt I'd be able to spot the difference.

Janice Garay looks so much like J Lo it's scary.

Which one is J Lo, can you tell? I couldn't at first. I felt like I was looking at some kind of "Where's Waldo?" trickery, wherein both images were actually of J Lo herself.

Not so; Janice is on the left.

Francesca Brown and Katy Perry are the same person, as far as I'm concerned.

Francesa knows her angles because from this perspective, I could have sworn that she actually was Katy Perry.

I wonder what Francesca's singing voice is like?

Jacky Vasquez has been told by a few people that she looks like Ariana Grande.

I think Jacky has very kind friends. I'm not saying that I don't see it, but I think if you removed the eyeliner then the similarities would fade fairly quickly.

Comedian Maria Wojciechowski has been told that she looks like *Jurassic Park*'s Laura Dern.

Maria, on the other hand, is the real deal. Look at how she's posed herself: the hands on the hips, the knot in her shirt, and even the look on her face are identical!

Heidi Agan makes a living as a professional Kate Middleton look-a-like.

You read that correctly: Heidi gets paid to look like a Royal. I can see the resemblance, but I'm a little baffled to learn that Heidi quit her day job to pursue this professionally.

Do you think she looks like Kate?

I can't tell Kamilla Osman and Kim Kardashian apart.

I'm actually being dead serious, I really don't know who is who. Kim is the one in the cream-colored shirt; right?

I'm so confused right now, can somebody please help me out?

Is that Nikki Minaj or Ashlea Wyzard?

OK, I'll bite. I can definitely understand why people would mistake Ashlea for Nikki. They have the same eyes and even their jawlines are similar.

Whether or not Ashlea can spit bars like Nikki remains to be seen.

Instagram model @walmartladygaga is the spitting image of, you guess it, Lady Gaga.

For this one, I just had to do a side-by-side. It's wild, isn't it; how much these two look alike?

If Gaga isn't already aware of this, then someone should really let her know.

Melissa Bazan and Angelina Jolie have a lot in common.

Holy smokes, Angelina Jolie has been body-snatched! I recently rewatched Maleficent and I'm having some incredibly creepy feelings of deja vu.

I could completely understand why paparazzi might stop her on the street.

Sofia Solares has made a career off of looking like Selena Gomez.

I'm actually not joking. Sofia is a Mexican-born model with half a million followers on Instagram alone.

She's well aware of the similarities between her and Selena.

Konrad Annerud could pass for a young Leonardo DiCaprio.

I swear I used to have a poster of Leo wearing that exact same jacket, hanging in my room.

Whoops, that came out wrong. What I meant to say is that that my sister had the poster. Yeah, that's right! My sister...

Professional cosplayer and model April Gloria looks exactly like Taylor Swift.

Which one is which? I've got to admit, of all the Taylor Swift look-a-likes out there, April has got to be far-and-away the best of the bunch.

Her cosplay skills are top-notch, too.