Cooped-Up Chickens Will Love This Handmade Chicken Playground From Etsy

Have you ever thought about getting a chicken coop? Well, if you have enough space on your property, then I say, "Why not?"

But did you know that chickens, just like dogs or cats, need adequate exercise? Well, they do. You can certainly help them get some when you install this awesome chicken playground right on your grounds. It's too fantastic to pass up.

If you can believe it, chickens are taking the internet by storm.

These days everybody seems to be getting them. They do make wonderful pets, you know, and more people realize that. But having said that, you do need to keep them in a proper housing area.

So, of course, you should get a chicken coop. That goes without saying.

Unsplash | The Brewers

But I think you can do better than that. What if I told you that you could set up a cool playground for your chickens so they can get all the exercise they need?

Doesn't that sound like a great idea? I think so too. Get a load of this.

The Chicken Network on Etsy sells all kinds of outdoor pieces for your chickens to use in their playground. We're talking about all sorts of interactive things.

First of all, they have this adorable outdoor chicken coop that I think any chicken will adore, ha, ha.

Look at how cute it is. I'm even surprised by how little space it takes up. You don't need a huge property to house it either.

Then they also have this super cute chicken teeter-totter.

OMG, what? I remember those. I used to love them as a kid. I can't believe this company made one for chickens! It must be so fun to see them use it.

If that's not adorable enough for you, how about this picnic feeding table?

I love it. The chickens will have a hoot eating their feed off of that. It's large enough for full-size chickens that will enjoy their treats.

There are even monkey bars that your chickens can use to work on their balance.

Haha, I might need that. My balance is always off. I think with this nifty outdoor gadget your chickens will get fit in no time.

I think I left the best for last. You can also get your chickens a swing!

How's that? I can't get over how cute it is. All these items were built by the Amish community and are very sturdy. Aww, how sweet is that?

Oh my goodness, what did I tell you? Isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Looking at this adorable playground makes me want chickens now, ha, ha! Perhaps one day I'll get to have them roaming on my property enjoying a playground like this one.

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