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15+ Pics Where It Takes A Minute To Figure Out What's Wrong

You know those activities you did as a kid where you try to spot the differences between two pictures? These pics are a little bit like those, where you know something is off but you can't quite put your finger on it.

What can I say? Sometimes I long for the simplicity of the placemats they have on the tables for kids at greasy spoon restaurants. Or Highlights magazines from visits to the dentist, if you prefer. Either way, it's some old school fun.

Why are they even there?

Reddit | neth0s

It's a nice enough little courtyard, yeah, and I can see where you might not want vehicle traffic coming through.

But those two little bollards are way too far apart to stop anything.

Not in my pool, thanks.

Reddit | phishphriend420

Oh, Platinum Pool Service. You might do a fine job of cleaning and maintaining pools, but the one "l" in your website blends in just a bit too well with the seam between the van's doors.

Is this some kind of test?

Reddit | AlxCa555

Like, did the person who designed this flow chart intend it to be used...on itself? Because I can think of a solution right away — reverse the arrows.

This would be a perfectly nice, festive scene if it wasn't an advent calendar.

Reddit | snor09

But because it's an advent calendar, it's supposed to have little numbers everywhere to indicate the doors you're supposed to open up each day to get the treat inside.

The numbers on this one are so faint, they may as well not even be there.

Uhhh, nice try?

Reddit | ball-_-fondler

Yes, we all want to stop COVID-19. We're all pretty much done with it, thanks.

But gathering together in tightly-formed groups to spell out how much we want it gone is actually counterproductive.

Don't stare at it too long; you might get seasick.

Obviously, whoever installed this box didn't take the time to true it all up because the angles — when compared to the angle of the tiles — are off just enough to be profoundly unsettling.

Well, it's an improvement on that pen at least.

Reddit | MartyCraft604

Maybe they were trying to make sure they weren't installing another "6" button?

But unless blind folks want to visit the ninth floor using this elevator, they're going to have to do a bit of detective work.

They're made by the same manufacturer and they're the same style of TP.

Reddit | iWilliam_me

And although it's pretty obvious what's wrong here, the "why" is less obvious.

The one on the left was made before panic buyers snapped up all the TP back at the start of stay-at-home measures for the pandemic, and the one on the right was made after the shortage.

Perspective is important.

Reddit | Aquaman_BATB

Sometimes it can trick your eyes. It's how they made the hobbits look small in The Lord of the Rings, after all.

But in this case, it's not doing anything. The one pair of binoculars is indeed too short to see over that fence.

Boy, it sure looks like that dog is enjoying its chew toy.

Reddit | Pie4me8

Like, maybe a little too much. I mean, what else could cause a dog's arms to bend in such an unnatural way?

Right out of Scooby-Doo.

Reddit | smol_raspberry

Well, I don't know if they did one about a phantom school bus or not but it sounds like something they could have done.

But the portion of this school bus that appears to be missing is due to its own reflection. Groovy!

It's a nice thought but I have questions.

Reddit | The_Mr_Porg

This must be for friends or relatives of those experiencing vision loss because it's going to be awfully hard for a blind person to get that phone number.

Kind of amazing.

Reddit | Ace_Portgas

All packaged foods come with information printed out for them but usually they're on a piece of plastic. In this case, the info was printed directly on the mac and cheese.

Interesting reading.

Reddit | Hikariyang

I wouldn't say that this book is necessarily ruined but it definitely got more challenging because it got bound upside down.

Might be some kind of collector's item now, who knows?

Thirty days hath does that go?

Reddit | stateoface

April, June, and November.

Unless 2020 got a bonus day in November — and isn't that the last thing this cursed year needs, another day? — then somebody got a bit confused when they put the expiry date on this ramen.

Which is it?

Reddit | bad_lama

Depending on where you are, this milk has two different best before dates: one for Pennsylvanians, and another two days later for New Yorkers.

Obviously, there's just some bureaucracy at play, but still — I want clarity about when my milk goes bad!

Good luck with that!

Reddit | BambiinNY

Maybe it's just me but I feel like a speedometer is one of those things that should be fairly consistent in its layout.

This one jumps all over the place. Good luck getting your speed at a glance.

I wonder what caused that.

Reddit | always2blamejane

Honestly, this one sticks out like a sore thumb at me now. All it takes are thicker lines around a single window, I guess.

That's not so great.

I guess if you have one of those combination bike locks, you're probably okay.

If you use keys for your bike lock, however, you might want to find a different place to park your bike, or you risk losing your keys down that grate. Looks like maybe somebody already has, too.

Who notices these things?

My goodness, that's subtle. I'm not sure I would have seen it or not, to be honest, but once you see it, you can't unsee it. That top "X" is definitely upside down.

The happiest font in the world.

I'd recognize the Disney font anywhere. The only problem here is that it's not exactly advertising for the happiest place on Earth. Maybe it'll make funerals a little more magical, at least.

OSHA wouldn't pick up the phone.

Reddit | DarkNuttela

Plenty of people adopt a credo of, "If it works, it works." I suppose this works, but I definitely wouldn't trust it with my full weight.

Found in a physics textbook.

You'd think that the authors of a physics textbook would understand a little more about physical objects and how they can be manipulated.

My anxiety is through the roof.

Reddit | Ernobacsi

I think we all know someone like this, someone who plays so fast and loose with the rules that it's a miracle they have a phone at all.

Which way to the rest smoor?

Reddit | GravityGriggs

Have you ever tried to do something semi-artistic, then realized midway through that you were in way over your head and the effect isn't working out as intended? I'm guessing the author of this sign has.

Been there.

Reddit | Carneiro91

If you wear pants with pockets or belt loops and brush up against furniture, this has probably happened to you. At least his pants stayed on.


Reddit | Rouven-Dillinger

You know, the word "hello" has an "O" at the end. An "O" can be modified to look like a flower pretty darn easily.

What's the best-by date?

Reddit | nakisa444

I guess it's a branding decision to place little mold-colored logos all over this package of cheese, but I've gotta say, it's just not working for me.

Shower with a view.

Reddit | TrixoftheTrade

Blinds are great for letting some, but not all, light into a space. I guess it applies to showers as well, so long as you don't mind a wet washroom.

Shrek is life.

Reddit | Avrata27

Shrek has been having a moment for, oh, the last ten years or so. Even if you're a bit Shreked out, you need to take a moment and really let this pic wash over you.

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