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Mom Shares Relatable Video On TikTok That Shows How Hard It Is To Poop In Peace

There are many moments in parenthood that every parent undergoes and can relate to. The majority of parents know that alone time and "privacy" is something that totally disappears once you have kids.

When they become toddlers and constantly want to be attached to your hip, you can hardly get a minute of freedom to breathe.

Many moms know that children love to cling to their legs and arms everywhere they go.

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While dads may have kids who love to spend time with them, moms know that kids just cannot get enough of spending time with them, even when they need privacy.

One thing all parents can relate to is needing a few moments of peace to just simply use the bathroom.

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As if needing some peace and quiet wasn't too much to ask, parents hardly get time away from their children to simply use the bathroom on their own.

Recently, one mom shared the hilarious truth on TikTok for her followers to see.

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TikTok user @sciensbich shared a video of an interaction between her and her son, who simply could not respect her privacy to use the bathroom.

In the brief video, the mom has a conversation that we've all had with our kids.

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Her son sits outside of the bathroom and asks if he can "watch his mom go poop."

Of course, his mom was taken back.

She asked if he was serious.

TikTok l @sciensbich

Of course, her son said "yes" to the question of him actually wanting to watch his mom poop.

Which, most toddlers do.

The two went back and forth for a while, saying "ya" and "no."

TikTok l @sciensbich

Of course, the mom told her son, clearly that he does not want to see her poop.

But, her son refused to agree. He 100% wanted to.

Parents on TikTok were laughing at how relatable this video is.

“My daughter is potty training and she tries to 'help' by trying to wipe me,” one parent wrote in the comments.

Another said the kids are "like flies" when they go to the bathroom.

“My kids don’t bother me until I shut the bathroom door...and then it’s like they’re lil flies,” one parent added.

Some kids even put up a fight!

“I had the same thing with my 4-year-old [when] I said no and his response was, “you don’t do this to family!” one parent responded.

Ah, kids, we just love them...right?

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