Kaley Cuoco And Johnny Galecki Partner Up To Visit Children's Hospital Patients

There are a lot of perks to being a celebrity (I mean, I imagine there are. No matter how many funny Facebook posts I make, no Hollywood agents seem to be knocking down my door just yet), but besides the money and the fame and the big mansions, there's probably one aspect of the job that's the most rewarding.

Being able to give back!

What, you thought I'd say the money again? I'm not that shallow!

There are very few celebrities that we love no matter what.

Keanu Reeves, Jason Momoa, Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, Betty White... the list is small but mighty, and it's pretty exclusive. It's hard to earn a coveted position on that list, but it looks like Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki might just be fighting their way into that spot.

We all know and love Kaley and Johnny from their 12-season smash hit, *The Big Bang Theory*.

The two played Penny and Leonard respectively, really reminding all of us gorgeous models married to geeky nerds of how lucky we've got it!

It turns out that in real life, these two are just as sweet and as caring as they were on the show!

Kaley just shared a tearjerking post to her Instagram explaining how her and Johnny virutally visited children at the Kentucky Children's Hospital recently.

"[Johnny] and I had the incredible opportunity to Zoom with patients from @kentuckychildrenshospital earlier this week. We answered their @bigbangtheory questions, heard their sensational stories and talked about what they want for Christmas," Kaley explained in the post.

In the video Kaley shared, a young boy named Gabe answers what he would like for Christmas this year.

"Well, I don’t want a lot for Christmas, all I want is everything to go back to normal. How it was in 2019," Gabe replied. Don't we all!

"I think we want the same thing buddy," Johnny replied, while Kaley added, "I think that's a great wish."

"While we were hoping to bring smiles to their faces, they actually brought even bigger smiles to ours," Kaley wrote.

It was truly humbling to hear their positive perspectives on life, all while facing tough illnesses. Gabe was one of the kids I was able to visit in person over a year ago

Kaley added that it was "amazing to see him again and praying Gabe’s Christmas wish comes true for all of us."

"Love this hospital and all they do for children and their families during such difficult times," Kaley wrote.

It's so touching that these kids would be so selfless and caring with their Christmas wish! It almost makes me feel guilty for asking my husband for a new blender.

You can watch the video for yourself right here!

But be careful — even if you've got a cold, dark heart like I do, this one might just make you cry!

Be sure to let us know if it did and what you think in the comments below!