Jewel-Toned Peacock Christmas Trees Are The Fabulous New Holiday Trend

Guys, holy crap. Picture a peacock. Now picture a Christmas tree. Now picture a combination of the two.

Trust me, whatever you just pictured still won't measure up to seeing the real thing. Simply put, these trees are exquisite and low-key belong in a museum.

You were not picturing this, I know it.

Designed by artist Adrian Liilie, this peacock tree was created for a castle!

"The tail is sweeping around the tree. We used real peacock feathers, collected by friend from his peacocks, and vibrant jewelled colours to complement the colours of the Regent’s Gallery in the castle."

I have great news:

Other people have decided to make their own version of a peacock tree. Regular people like you and me have found ways to create beautiful plumes of color that tie in to their Christmas decor.

Some people have kept their peacock trees pretty simple.

Rather than deck the whole thing out, some have opted for some themed ornaments and some peacock feathers on top in lieu of a star. It's a peacock-ish tree, if you will.

Others went all out.

This one is pretty extravagant as far as themed trees, but I wouldn't call it out of control. It's heavily decorated and perfectly on theme, topped with lots of fake peacock feathers in glitter.

This tree is a gradient!

How gorgeous is this? The tree branches themselves have been painted in a gradient, and the decorations have been added to match. You can see purples towards the bottom, leading up to a green-gold color.

This one reminds me of New Orleans.

It has all of that NoLa energy, you know? I love that they added ribbons to mimic the peacock tail, and still topped it off with a star. So cute.

This one has a bit of everything.

"I’ve gone full feather/peacock but it still has a huge mishmash of ornaments (my favorite style of tree decorating)," @eyeofevelyn said of her tree.

You can definitely see the peacock influence in the feathers!

This person went for a more monochromatic peacock tree.

They skipped out on color, but kept the patterns and the feathers. This is a great for those of us who like to keep our decor on the neutral side, though I would argue that this is more of a swan tree.

No matter how far you go with your peacock tree...

I know it'll look great! Even if you choose to hang yours upside down, like this tree. Get those feathers out (faux, if possible) and have fun adding some color to your Christmas!

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