BFFs Get In The Holiday Spirit With A 'Glamorous' Ugly Sweater Photoshoot At JCPenny

Hello, internet. I have the absolute pleasure of introducing you to two frankly legendary women who will bring you some holiday cheer during this dark, deeply weird year.

Two best friends that set out to do a goofy photoshoot for their own entertainment quickly discovered that it could be so much more. Now that I've pitched you the movie tagline, let's see those pictures, shall we?

Let's just dive right in.

Meet Paige Ann and Kailee Koch, two BFFs from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Paige is the brunette, Kailee is the blonde, and I am officially obsessed with them both.

Paige and Kailee had a pretty hilarious idea.

"I’m just gonna come on record here and say that I HIGGHHHLLLYYYY, like 15/10, recommend wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and getting the most awkward JCPenney Glamour Shots done with your best friend."

Each picture escalated the joke to more iconic heights.

Man, they totally had me once they pulled out the double chin faces. That is by FAR my favorite way to pose. I have the school pictures I purposefully ruined to prove it.

Look at these LEGENDS.

I just want to really shoutout JCPenny and the photographer there, because they clearly understood the vision these two legends had and executed it perfectly.

Their pictures went viral, which is what they deserve.

Sorry, but pictures this good have to be seen by the entire internet. Over 70,000 people showed up to their Facebook post and low-key went nuts for the shoot.

A lot of people reached out to them.

"[...] the countless messages and comments we have gotten regarding how we saved these people's Christmas spirit has seriously touched us," Kailee wrote on her Facebook.

Their small gesture meant a lot to people.

"Something we did to bring each other smile in this crappy year, has brought smiles and laughter to a million people. Something so small and mindless can help save some people Christmas and we are so humbled by it."

And so many want to try it for themselves now.

"We are so happy to be part of the reason these people send Christmas cards, or put up their tree. It makes our heart [sic] explode with happiness.

Happy holidays everyone!"

In short: I want to be their third best friend.

Reasons I am qualified to be their new friend: I can make my hair gigantic, I have the ability to do the most dramatic, over-the-top makeup, and I already have a double chin I can turn into a triple chin. I MEAN, COME ON.