Gordon Ramsay Is Releasing His Very Own Hard Seltzer Brand Called 'Hell's Seltzer'

Gordon Ramsay is notorious for his intense cooking competition show, Hell's Kitchen, and for his several other shows and appearances.

Known for his ferocious temper and delectable cooking skills, Chef Ramsay is making everyone's heart's sizzle once again with his new hard seltzer brand that people are thrilled to try.

These may be so delicious that we'll all start swearing like Chef Ramsay.

Each drink sounds pretty spicy.

Playfully dubbed, "Hell's Seltzers" after Hell's Kitchen, this brand includes Berry Inferno, Knicker Twist, That's Forked, and Mean Green. If these drinks are as epic as they sound, we may be in for one bloody amazing treat.

The Mean Green has some great kiwi lime flavors, while That's Forked has key lime and vanilla tones; Berry Inferno has lots of peach, blueberry and raspberry, and finally, The Knicker Twist has passion fruit and orange flavors.

We have a feeling that just like the show Hell's Kitchen, we're in for one hell of a ride with these seltzers.

We hope that Chef Ramsay's high standard for cuisine translates into these seltzers.

One thing that all Hell's Kitchen fans know is that Chef Ramsay can call people some very inventive and harsh names, not to mention his feedback on their food.

These seltzers are born out of collaboration between Ramsay and Brew Pipeline and Global Brews of London, and we are dying to know if Ramsay's passion for excellence will register into these drinks.

We sure hope it does, or someone might be in for some heavy criticism.

We're ready to try these seltzers immediately.

The flavors are specifically inspired by items on the Hell's Kitchen offcial menu.

They're 5.5% ABV and gluten-free, which is quite standard, but also sounding pretty refreshing right now. We're not sure if we can wait until they officially come out in 2021.

In 2021, we'll have our verdicts ready.

It's not every day that Chef Ramsay says he likes a dish, let alone loves it. So, if he's rooting for these seltzers, we're pretty sure hell will freeze over.

Only time will tell as the wait begins for their official release to the people in 2021.

Let us know what you think of Hell's Seltzers in the comments!