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Every Child Can Have A Toy That Looks Like Them With Custom Birthmark Dolls From Etsy

Every child is special in their own way — that's something that a parent knows all too well. But what if your child looked a little different than other kids because of a visible birthmark?

Would they ever feel left out, especially while playing with dolls that didn't look like them? Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a doll that did resemble them? Well, now there is.

An Etsy shop called Little Plain Jane makes custom-designed dolls that feature birthmarks.

If you're a parent with a child who has one, you can order a doll, which resembles your child's special birthmark. Isn't that the most wonderful idea?

These beautiful dolls are handmade by the shop owner in Arizona.

She stuffs them with a plush hypoallergenic filling, and they're so ready to cuddle. I think every child will fall in love with them. They look so spectacular.

The dolls' faces are designed by the shop owner and hand-painted with fabric-safe paints.

The clothes they come in are removable, so you can wash them separately. Some of the dolls also come with removable shoes. Aww, isn't that so adorable?

Each doll is lovingly made to the best of this shop owner's ability.

It's very apparent that she makes these lovely dolls with lots of care and attention to detail. How can you not to when they're going into such precious little hands?

Since these dolls are handmade, they are a little bit more fragile than regular plastic dolls.

Therefore they will require more gentle play. So it's probably a good idea to ensure your child is slightly more careful with this precious gift.

The shop owner uses wool felt to make the doll's hair so it may pill over time with normal wear and tear.

That's something you should probably keep in mind if you're considering buying one of these for your child to play with and they may be better suited to older children.

If you want to keep this doll clean, there are a few things you can do.

You can spot clean it only or gently hand wash it in a sink and then lay flat to dry. Avoid putting this delicate doll in the washer or dryer.

These pretty dolls are recommended for kids who are at least four-years old.

You will need to supervise any kids younger than that as the dolls do come with small accessories and removable items. Since they're handmade, they are all unique, so no doll will be exactly alike.

Oh my goodness, have you ever seen a doll prettier than this?

I have to say, I love handmade things already, so these dolls bring me so much joy. Wouldn't it be such a beautiful gift for a special child?

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