'Tree-Rex' Christmas Trees Are Any Dinosaur-Loving Kid's Dream Come True

While it may be an unlikely match, there's just something so exhilarating and fun about a Christmas tree that's given an epic dinosaur makeover.

These Tree-Rex's are taking the world by storm and making a rather large impression on all Christmas and dinosaur lovers alike.

They're definitely reminding us to skip an ordinary Christmas and enjoy an extraordinary one!

They're a little bit scary and a little bit magical.

We never thought Christmas could feel like stepping onto the set of Jurassic Park, but these trees definitely make it feel that way.

However, with the beautiful lights and decor of a tradition tree, we also feel very cozy.

The elements balance each other perfectly to create a tree that's both edgy and soft, and we're here for it.

Plus, it kind of looks like this T-Rex is sporting a rather adorable dress!

There are so many cool ways to incorporate our prehistoric friends.

Whether the T-Rex, or whichever dinosaur you prefer, is the entire tree or just one of the ornaments to top the tree with, this theme works.

For both the young and old dinosaur fans in your life, this tree doubles as a gift and a holiday tree.

There's nothing like making a T-Rex tree for all of your loved ones to gather around.

Don't worry, they're not hard to put together.

Although this is an unusual tree idea, it's by no means hard to create. Whether it's DIY or purchased, these dinosaur tree decorations have a firm bite on our hearts.

As usual, Pinterest has our backs with some amazing ideas for how to incorporate our terrifyingly cool buddies into our Christmas tree decor.

Amazon also has some great T-Rex ornaments and tree toppers that will make you roar with delight.

Don't be afraid to have a bold tree to fit a bold year.

Nothing about 2020 has been traditional or even typical, so it makes sense to have a tree that isn't either.

There's truly something very dystopian about the current state of the world that makes a dinosaur themed tree the perfect idea an ideal match.

If you decided to give your own T-Rex or other dinosaur themed Christmas tree a try, let us know what you think in the comments!

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