Fans Call Out Gordon Ramsay After He Shares Pic Of $180 Christmas Dinner

Gordon Ramsay is known for being a hard critic — it's kind of like his thing. And let's be clear, I enjoy it immensely. I can watch YouTube compilations of Gordon critiquing crab cakes for hours.

So when he showcased a pricey Christmas dinner on Instagram, fans gave the celebrity chef a taste of his own medicine.

Gordon Ramsay is known for being a lion in the kitchen (DUH) but did you know he's one of the nicest celebrity chefs around?

When Diply sat down with Masterchef contestant Michael Silverstein, he confirmed the rumors of Gordon's kindness.

Naturally, I was over the MOON!

Not only is he nice, but his cooking is pretty good too!

One of Gordon's famous critiques when eating at a restaurant on his series Kitchen Nightmares is that the food is "dry."

He also loves to say things are "RAW" and "WET" but we're not going there today!

So when the famed chef posted an Instagram video of a Christmas dinner available for purchase at one of his U.K. based restaurants, his fans were critical!

The video shows a chef spooning on a rather "watery" looking gravy onto a slice of turkey wellington.

"No Yorkshire Pudding. No Cauliflower Cheese. No Stuffing. Gravy thinner than my Nan’s arm (she died nearly 20 years ago, so pretty thin!!) 3/10," commented one fan.

"That gravy is far too thin !! Not good Ramsay!" commented another.

@kunstformchrisi's commented said it all: "its [explective] dry!"

I would like to see any of these haters make a better gravy!

"My pee is thicker than that gravy," was my personal fav comment.

The question no one is asking is WAS THIS MEANT TO BE A GRAVY, OR IS IT AN AU JUS?!

I guess we might just have to leave the culinary judging up to Mr. Ramsay!

Would you pay $180 for that meal? Let us know in the comments below!

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