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DIY Christmas Tree Ladders Are Taking Holiday Decor To New Heights

Most of us have grown very accustomed to putting up traditional Christmas trees each year.

Whether it's a freshly purchased living tree that will only last one season, or a handy artificial tree that can be reused for many Christmases to come, people stay true to holiday tradition.

However, for some, the classics tend to get a little boring. Some of us are looking for a unique, unusual, and most of all, fun way to change up our Christmas decorating.

We're pretty sure these ladder Christmas trees are the key to finding a magical and novel way to celebrate the holidays.

They're pretty easy to make.

All you need to get started is a ladder. A wooden ladder makes for a more rustic look whereas an aluminum one provides a more futuristic feel.

After you have your ladder, the fun begins. There are a variety of decorations that will fit well with your ladder. Just don't forget, you'll need some string lights and decorations to bring your Christmas tree ladder to life.

They're perfect for small spaces.

Traditional trees can be a hassle to fit in small apartments and homes with limited room.

However, ladder trees are great for those looking for a playful way to celebrate the holidays without having to worry about stuffing a giant tree through the door.

The best part may be that these ladder trees easily fold and unfold for easy set-up, transport and storage.

There's endless variety.

Just like regular trees, these ladder trees can come in a variety of colors.

Yet, unlike ordinary trees, these ladders provide a standout quality that most people won't see anywhere else.

Basically, what we're saying is get your camera ready for some bomb Instagram photos and piles of doting comments on your super unique ladder Christmas display!

Don't forget to add some presents underneath the ladder tree.

Once your quirky and dazzling ladder tree is complete, you'll want to make sure the rest of your home is fully decked out in Christmas magic.

So, grab your loved ones, your decorations and your presents, of course, and get ready to rock around the ladder tree all night long.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the ladder trees and if you plan to try one yourself.

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