15+ People Who Never Guessed They Were Sitting On Secrets All Along

There's a lot to look at and a lot to keep up with in day-to-day life, so it's totally normal to miss a few things.

But for those who are able to take a long, hard look at things, the world is full of fascinating secrets just waiting to reveal themselves.

Sneaky devils.

Reddit | JayOhEe91

Cadbury has an iconic script logo, one that even works well when it's hidden in the center of a rose.

Fun from every angle.

Reddit | Unicorn-Shaman

These milk cartons are very heavy on the cat branding, which I totally approve of. The unique way you can make cat shapes is just the icing on the cake.

Little helper.

Reddit | carlitos_sagan

Thong sandals make for less than ideal cycling footwear but miniature metal thong sandals definitely make an ideal kick stand for your bike.

Hi, Piedad!

Reddit | greensneeze

Every garment you own was made, at least in part, by a real person. This shirt actually recognizes this fact on its label.


Reddit | deane-barker

This is hidden underneath the engine cover of a Dodge Ram TRX. It shows a t-rex (TRX, get it?) eating a Velociraptor — a definite reference to the Ford Raptor.

Low-key branding.

Reddit | jacktooth

These toy blocks can be arranged in any order at all. But when you line them up numerically, the other side spells out the name of the manufacturer.

It raises a good point.

Reddit | Revirst

You know, if I open up my computer to try to get a little extra life out of it, I don't need the components to mock me.

I am glad to see a System Shock reference, though.

Tough to scan.

Reddit | ADarkcid

This giant QR code in Xinhua, China can only be read and scanned if you're about 30,000 feet in the air. From the ground, it just looks like geometric greenery.

A little love.

Reddit | LilDarrell333777

The nose pads on your glasses are always there for you, allowing the glasses to sit properly on your face. These specific pads throw a little love into the equation.

Fall mood.

Reddit | Woolybugger00

All summer, this hillside in Oregon looks pretty typical. But come fall, the genius of some fun-loving tree planters really shines through.

Right back atcha.

Reddit | Alexl14

The bottom of the Xbox Series X includes a minor Easter egg, one that shouts out Microsoft's hometown of Seattle.

Hang in there.

Reddit | zackwong744

This wall is more than your typical bland, gray surface. If you look closely, it's full of tiny little special ops ninja dudes.

Word to the wise.

Reddit | SkeletalMount

I like the randomness at play here but I'm also a little confused. I was never planning on slapping a panda. Was anyone? Is this really a problem?

A part of our history.

Reddit | tbornottb3

I absolutely love this cheeky note left by the previous owners of this couch. They knew it would only be found when someone reupholstered it.


Reddit | GAMMA_rayburst

It takes a lot of dedication to write a whole wall of text, one that perfectly spells out Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley with the first word of each line.

Tough break.

Reddit | thehan12

What are the odds that an unlucky fly would land on a roll of tape in the middle of production? We could ask this fly but it's already dead.

Hey, no fair.

Reddit | HartMart

There's nothing worse than being unexpectedly tagged and then looking around to see that everyone's already in hiding. That's kind of how this tag makes me feel.

Old school.

This 1773 British half penny dates back to a time just before the Revolutionary War but it looks pretty much just like a modern coin.

Salt bae.

Reddit | MonRastar

The fun thing about Play-Doh is that if you leave it for long enough, it'll develop these big cubic salt crystals.

Will you, though?

Reddit | ridelacruz

This was found inside a guitar fuzz pedal. I think it's destined not for freedom, but for endlessly fuzzifying the tone.

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