Piers Morgan Once Again Shuts Down Rumors That He's The Bird Lady From 'Home Alone 2'

Life isn't always easy. Sometimes you get pooped on by a bird. Other times, you get mistaken for the bird lady from Home Alone 2.

Let's be clear, the pigeon woman is my hero. Living essentially rent-free in prime New York City real estate while hanging out feeding precious birds all day is like my dream!

However, it would be slightly frustrating to be constantly compared to this goddess when you are Piers Morgan who is notoriously no fun!

However, seems every year people don't learn their lesson, and every year the British TV presenter has to remind everyone he is also not a part-time actor!

Do you know who does enjoy the banter, though? Piers' *Good Morning Britain* co-host Susanna Reid!

"Why does this keep coming around? That is not me. I am not the bag lady in Home Alone 2," Piers said on an episode of Good Morning Britain earlier this week.

However, Susanna claimed she had "proof" that Piers and the pigeon lady were the same person, showing footage from an episode in 2018 where Piers was covered in pigeons.

Now is a great time to remind you all that our beloved bird lady was played by Brenda Fricker and she deserves our respect!

Home Alone 2 would not have HALF the heart and magic it does without her!

To be fair, Piers could only hope to be as charming and kind as our beloved bird lady!

What do you think of the comparison? Let us know in the comments below!

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