Dame Judi Dench Celebrates Her 87th Birthday

If you're a famous actor, actress, or musician, you can only hope to one day reach absolute icon status. Only the very best of the best have their very names associated with class, style, grace, and talent, and Dame Judi Dench is definitely one of those stars. Honestly, it might be a long time before we get another Hollywood star with this much elegance, based on what I've been seeing in the papers!

Judi is celebrating a pretty huge milestone of a birthday this year, and obviously, we have to celebrate it with her! (Any excuse to break out the champagne, right?)

Dame Judi Dench is one of our greatest actors.

You might know her best as M in eight (yes, eight, more than any other actor in the franchise) James Bond movies, including Skyfall and Casino Royale, or from her many other incredible films like Shakespeare In Love, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Philomena, Murder On The Orient Express, Pride & Prejudice, Chocolat, and tons more.

Judi was born on December 9, 1934.

That means that this year, she's turning 87!

If I could be half as accomplished as she is by the time I'm 86, I'd consider myself incredibly lucky. Last year, Judi made history as the oldest Vogue covergirl in history, just proving that you don't need to be a college co-ed to be absolutely gorgeous!

Happy birthday, Judi!

We hope that 87 treats you as well as every other year has so far!

In honor of the dame's birthday, tell us your favorite movie she's ever been in! Mine would have to be Cats... Just kidding, I loved her in Shakespeare In Love.