The Internet Is Reeling After Nigella Lawson's Bizarre Pronunciation Of 'Microwave' Goes Viral

Nigella Lawson is truly one of the most iconic TV chefs of all time. Known for her classic delicious cooking, gorgeous brunette locks, and STYLISH AF outfits, she was one of the first beauty queens of the Food Network.

Now, she's making headlines for her TBH insane pronunciation of the word "microwave" and I, for one, am living for it.

IT'S THE HOLIDAYS! WOOT WOOT! And while this Christmas will be unlike any other, we still have to EAT!

With that hungry energy in mind, who better than Ms. Nigella Lawson to help us prepare a delicious Christmas feast?!

Nigella is known for being the ~ultimate~ domestic goddess, and truly the master of the kitchen.

The UK celebrity chef has been in the biz for over 20 years and has published 14 COOKBOOKS!

If there is anyone I trust with my LIFE in the kitchen, it's Ms. Lawson.

So when a video of her pronouncing "microwave" in the most bizarre way went viral, I was so...CONFUSED.

On the latest episode of her show, *Cook, Eat, Repeat*, the 60-year-old was telling viewers how she warmed up her whole milk in the microwave.

However, she didn't say microwave like you and I say it, she pronounced it like a Harry Potter spell.

It sounded like "ME-CRO-WAH-VAY."

Is she just *that* much of a cooking purist that she's never even USED a microwave until that day?! I WOULDN'T PUT IT PAST HER!

I don't know how us plebs have managed to make it this long without her and her KNOWLEDGE!

If her fun way of saying "microwave" doesn't convince you to watch *Cook, Eat, Repeat*, maybe her delicious recipes will.

Nigella is the best, always reminding everyone of the importance of enjoying food and loving life!

For a while there, fans didn't know if it was a joke, or if that was how Nigella actually pronounces the word!

Thankfully, our prayers have been answered and Nigella has given us a response!

While replying to a fan's tweet, Nigella confirmed that she *does* pronounce the word like that, but not because she thinks it's right.

"Well, I do say it like that, but not because I think that's how it's actually pronounced," she replied.

Now, Nigella wants this chapter CLOSED! She wants the microwave-y door SHUT!

I can imagine a total media frenzy about the way you jokingly say one word has to be exhausting.

Thankfully, she still has a cheeky sense of humor about the whole thing.

When a fan said they would NOT stop talking about the microwave-y, she appeased them by sharing how she pronounces Worcestershire.

"Wusster-shusster" is the only right way to say it.

Needless to say, this is the 2020 level we all need to be operating on right now.

I, for one, love to use a variety of accents and fun pronunciations — it keeps things FRESH!

Are you switching up the way you say microwave? Let us know in the comments below!

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