Baker Recreates The 'Home Alone' House Entirely Out Of Gingerbread For Film's 30th Anniversary


Sorry, had to get that out of my system. See, this Home Alone gingerbread house has me dying to rewatch that classic Christmas film, and to snack on some gingerbread!

You can't have Christmas without some shenanigans, right?

Welcome to the McCallister's.

Now that is a gingerbread house! From the pizza delivery car to the repair van, every inch of this house just screams Home Alone. And boy, did it take some work to complete.

It was brought to life by artist Michelle Wibowo.

AKA Michelle Sugar Art! She's a U.K.-based sugar and food artist who specializes in recreating some classic pop culture moments in sweet form.

When Disney+ approached her to tackle the McCallister's, she was thrilled.

It took her over 300 hours to complete the project.

Working out of her studio in West Sussex, Michelle hand-baked and hand-painted every element of this winter scene. She also packed it full of little references from the movie!

There's some memorable characters scattered throughout the scene.

You can spot Harry and Marv in various states of disarray after their run-ins with Kevin. Marv looks like he just had an unfortunate incident with a pain can, doesn't he?

There's even a little Kevin!

After attempting to sled down the stairs, Kevin shot out the front door and landed in the snow. Of course Michelle had to include that moment in the house!

She included some iconic locations, too.

Not only did she build the whole house, she actually made a tree and put Kevin's treehouse in it! She really pulled out all the stops for this scene.

The house features a crazy number of trees.

Michelle wound up creating 63 trees, 14 pizza boxes, and six lampposts to fill out the house. She also created Kevin's tire swing and has it hanging in the front yard!

I'm particularly impressed with the cars.

I don't know how she built two cars, let alone the whole house. She also hand-lettered the signs on both, which are picture-perfect recreations of the signs from the film.

Thieves beware.

This house is armed and ready for a sugary-sweet fight! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to buy a basic gingerbread house and attempt to cobble that one together. Wish me luck.