'Jarcuterie' Is The Snack Trend Putting The 'Cute' Back In Charcuterie

You've heard of charcuterie, now get ready for: JARCUTERIE.

I'm not saying that it's fate that the word "cute" is in jarcuterie, but I'm not not saying that. Why? Because this concept is somehow the most adorable arrangement of meat and cheese I've ever seen. Let's check it out.

Meet jarcuterie!

Meat jarcuterie? Let's workshop it.

Anyway, did I lie when I said this is the cutest effing thing ever? This concept is perfect for individual snacking moments!

You can put anything in them.

This one is full of beer peanuts, pretzels, and then topped off with a skewer of meat, cheese, and olives.

Now, how genius is this for a pandemic world? You can have your own, no sharing required.

It's the ideal poolside snack.

If you're lucky enough to have a pool, then you recognize the potential of a bit of jarcuterie as a poolside snack. Nothing hits quite like cheese and carbs after a swim.

They would make amazing gifts.

Since we're currently living in pandemic chaos, we can't really share food or company. You can still spread holiday cheer by gifting some jarcuterie to friends or family, and even keep one for yourself so that you can "share" them over Zoom.

Just looking at these is making me hungry.

Adding in a sweet pop of fruit would really take your jarcuterie over the top. These ones are served in a biodegradable cup, because we heart the environment!

Go on, stick an entire cheese wheel in there.

Ugh, how great would a mini wheel of brie be? Thse jars have some seriously great cheese game, but I'd also like to shoutout those pecans. Those things really up the taste levels of a charcuterie layout.

Let's not forget the mighty mason jar.

Finally, a use for all those mason jars you bought when they were at the height of popularity. A mason jarcuterie would be so fun to share at a socially distanced get together with a friend.

You can even theme them!

This one is Halloween themed, and is mostly candy. I still love it. A Christmas one topped with a Lindor chocolate would be so cute! Start jotting these ideas down, guys.

Let's be real, though... they don't HAVE to be savory.

Sure, charcuterie is all about the savory. But I enjoy breaking rules, which means I obviously enjoy this jarcuterie moment full of sweets. Look at how delicious those macrons look! YUM.