Adorable Gnome Decorations People Are Loving This Christmas Season

Our little friends and their giant beards are resurfacing again just in time for some holiday cheer, and we can't wait to bring them home.

Gnomes truly are cute, and when it comes to gnome Christmas decorations, they are next level adorable. From stocking stuffers to tree ornaments and more, gnomes are not about to miss out on the jolly festivities this year.

Though they be little, they be jolly.

Gnomes may be small but they make a large statement when it comes to Christmas decor. There's no telling what these little ones are up to, and that's part of their charm.

Whether they're handmade or purchased pre-made, there's something magical about adding these pocket-sized friends to your celebrations.

Gnomes make happy homes.

They're a little bit folklore and a lot a bit festive. When people think of gnomes, they tend to conjure up an image of a bunch of little long-bearded Santa Clauses running around the house, or just hanging out.

Many people have taken to making their own or ordering them from Etsy and other stores. Some come in sets while others travel to our homes alone. But for those fellas, you may want to get them some buddies.

People are getting crafty when it comes to these cuties.

From gnomes made of clay, wood and plastic to stuffed plushies and more, you can bet people are going all out to make gnomes of all different shapes, sizes and designs.

After you have your gnomes, it's the perfect time to grab your camera and get an epic gnome photoshoot going. Trust us, your Instagram followers will thank you!

Get them before they vanish for the season.

The good news is Christmas gnomes are available all over Etsy. With sellers like ElfHouseFinds, BohemianOutsider and many more, it's not difficult to get them.

While there are usually plenty of gnomes for sale all year round, the Christmas gnomes only come around for one season, and then they're gone. So, this is the time to add them to your family.

There are even more gnomes to take home.

If Etsy isn't a go-to place to shop for you, they also have some adorable Christmas gnomes on Amazon. With so many options, the prices are flexible and truly budget friendly. From $5 to around $30, both individual gnomes and gnome sets are offered for all of our gnomey needs.

Let us know in the comments what you think of these little gnomes and if you think you'll take home one, two or maybe even a thousand for Christmas this year!

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