People Are Loving These Christmas Tree Rentals That Save Trees From Ending Up On The Curb

Ah, the Christmas tree, it's such a favorite family tradition. We all grew up with it and now we get these trees for our own families.

But how do you support the environment while still upholding this age-old tradition? As it turns out, there are sustainable ways to do so, and this one London-based company came up with a great idea.

The London Christmas Tree Rental does just what it sounds like — they rent out Christmas trees.

You heard me right. This company will let you rent a sustainable, pot-grown, living Christmas tree for the season, so you don't have to buy a new one.

London Christmas Tree Rental was founded in 2018 by Jonathan Mearns and Catherine Loveless.

There are so many trees thrown out after the holidays that it's a shame they go to such waste. So, this is how the idea for the rental company was born.

Did you know that about 7-million trees go into a landfill each year after just three weeks of holiday fun?

That's terrible if you ask me. There has to be a better way to celebrate the holidays with your family.

Well, now there is — at least in London, England.

How does it work? You order your tree online, and the company will drop it off at your door. Since it comes with a saucer, you will need to water it daily.

In January, the company will pick up the tree from you and return it to the farm where it will live for another year.

You can even rent the same tree year after year. The company encourages you to name your tree too, ha, ha!

You have to keep the tree alive for the whole time you have it.

That way, you can enjoy it again next Christmas, or another family will get to rent it out. Aww, what a wonderful idea.

The trees come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

They are unique, living trees, and they are not perfect-looking. That is what makes them even more special. They are allowed to grow with their own idiosyncrasies. Now, that's something I like to hear.

Once you get the tree, make sure you place it away from any heat source.

You wouldn't want to dry it out, start dropping needles, and eventually, die. Make sure you water it with a pint of water every day and decorate it as you like.

Oh my goodness, what a fantastic and eco-friendly holiday idea.

What do you think of this? Would you rent a real living Christmas tree for your household? I would do this if a company near me offered this service!

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