'Velvet' Manicures Give The Illusion Of Glamorous Fabric Without The Fuzz

Every year around this time, there seems to be a new nail trend that emerges, and this year is no different. What would you say if I told you that velvet is this year's trend of choice?

Does that sound unusual to you? Well, it doesn't have to be. If done correctly, this nail trend is both festive and pretty.

When we think of velvet, we think of the fuzzy and warm material that's synonymous with party dresses.

You know, those dresses that you only get to wear once a year during the holidays? But now, you can accompany your dress with gorgeous velvety nails.

The new winter nail trend that's taking over Instagram is a little bit different.

You see, this velvet manicure is all about the way the light bounces off your fingernails. It creates an illusion of a velvety finish without the fuzz.

What you will end up with instead is a smooth, non-fuzzy look.

This trend replicates the glamour of velvet and its unique soft-silk shine. Doesn't that sound fabulous? I can get behind this idea. Now, to find a salon that can do it.

The first person to start this trend was Amy Lee from Amy Lee Nails.

Here she shows off exactly how this look will appear on your nails. Notice how it picks up the light and shines away? Isn't that so gorgeous?

You can replicate this look using many different nail colors.

Here Amy used champagne, and I think it's even more festive for the holidays. I've got to get my hands on nails like these, hee, hee. It is too beautiful not to try it at least once!

You can also opt for a much bolder look when you use a darker nail shade like this one.

Dark blue is synonymous with velvet, so I find this look so fitting. These nails, in particular, look spectacular to me.

You can also opt for pretty pastel colors like these.

Who says you need to only stick to the typical holiday colors? I think these nails look just as holiday-inspired as any other ones. What do you think of this color palette?

Here's another amazing nail job I love.

I can't get over how glamorous this looks. Take a look at how these nails shine here. I would love to get my nails done like this for the holidays. It is such a classic look.

So what do you think of this latest nail trend? Are you digging it?

Would you get this done in time for the holidays? I wish I knew how to do this myself so I wouldn't need to look for a salon that can replicate this.

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