Turn Dollar Store Supplies Into Magical Floating Christmas Decor

Are you ready to try out the coolest ornament DIY yet?

Stop on by your local dollar store and grab a cart, because this craft is a must-try. It involves buckets, ornaments, and hot glue. I mean, what more do I need to say? It sounds like fun already.

Let's check it out.

Floating. Ornament. Bucket.

How cool is this? Crafters have been showing off their amazing illusion skills with these buckets that look like they're pouring out a never-ending stream of ornaments.

The fun of this craft is definitely in how you personalize it.

There are so many different styles of buckets and ornaments that you can use to really personalize your floating decor to your specific style. Mine would be all pink!

So, here's how you do it.

Thanks to YouTuber The Harts DIY, we can all learn how to make one of these together! You're going to need ornaments, a bucket, glue, painter's tape, a serving fork, a mini Christmas tree, and decorations.

The tree is going to form a sturdy base for your ornaments.

Hot glue it to a surface you're comfortable moving, like a plate. If you don't want to sacrifice a plate, layer up some cardboard and secure the layers together.

Add your chosen tree skirt and get ready to bend some metal.

Picking up dollar store serving fork is best for this craft because the low quality of it will allow it to bend easily. Hot glue one bent end inside the bucket.

Then, secure it to the tree.

Use twine to tie the forked end of the serving fork to the tree and adjust as needed. If you know you're going to see parts of the fork, cover it with green painter's tape to allow it to blend in easily.

Time to decorate!

Add in your lights first, securing them with hot glue. Then, trim the tree with everything that isn't an ornament — beads, tinsel, the whole nine yards.

Finally, hot glue your butt off.

Start gluing your ornaments inside the bucket and slowly cascade them down the fork. Add them into the tree, and voilà! You have an ornament waterfall onto a beautiful tree.

So, what kind of ornament bucket will you make?

The sky is the limit with this craft! Decorate a tree, fill a mug, or even use a bowl! Have fun and really personalize your craft to fit your Christmas aesthetic.

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