Jason Momoa Gifts 'Aquaman' Trident To 7-Year-Old Super Fan With Cancer

What's more attractive than a man with a big heart?

Sure, I guess it helps if that man is also tall, and muscular, with beautiful long hair, and a rugged beard, and a fantastic personality... oh, wait, I'm just describing Jason Momoa again, aren't I? I know we talked about this, but I just can't stop.

Can you blame me? This man is perfect!

Of course, we've always known Jason Momoa was attractive.

I mean, we have eyes. Anyone can look at him and see that.

Most of the time, being attractive doesn't always guarantee having a good personality, but it does seem that somehow Jason escaped being a hunky jerk and is actually kind, funny, and generous on top of everything else.

Now, I'm not just saying this to be nice.

As much as I would be available to help Jason Momoa write a dating website profile if he ever needed one, but these compliments aren't coming out of nowhere!

Jason just proved how kind and big-hearted he is by making a super fan's day, week, month, or maybe whole life!

On November 18th, Jason shared a heartwarming video to his Instagram.

Jason shared a video of himself Face-Timing super fan Danny, a 7-year-old fighting cancer who had a video go viral of himself being overjoyed to open an Aquaman toy.

"I just wanted to say thank you to the community, friends and family on Instagram for reaching out and showing me this beautiful boy Danny who is going through chemo and has cancer," Jason wrote.

"I saw his video online that made me want to get in touch and FaceTime him and spend some time talking to him," he added.

"Hey [Warner Bros Pictures], let's get Danny an Aquaman trident!" he finished.

Now that's a call to action I can really get behind!

You can watch that video right here, but be careful, because it might make you cry. It definitely made me cry.

There's now been an update!

"Wanted to share a picture of this amazing boy Danny Sheehan, Natalie his mom sent me this today. I wanted to say thanks to Andy Smith @sideshowcollectibles for putting some action figures and toys together for Danny and @wbpictures for sending over a Aquaman trident," Jason revealed.

This is so amazing! Look how happy he looks!

"Mahalo to Everyone involved and the Sheehan family," Jason wrote.

The giftset also included a note that read, "Can't wait to ride on some dolphins with you Danny! Love, Uncle Aquaman."

I bet Danny is going to cherish that note forever! What an amazing touch.

Jason really does have it all!

While we're all definitely fans of Jason's big muscles, it turns out that his heart is even bigger, and we're so glad to hear it!

Seriously. Humanity is not going to do much better than this guy, so I think we can all stop trying!