Cardi B Slammed For 'Tone-Deaf' Tweet About Buying An $88k Purse During A Pandemic

Cardi B is having a very busy 2020. From the massive success of her controversial single 'WAP' to being called out for hosting a large Thanksgiving gathering during a pandemic, there have definitely been some highs and lows.

After tweeting about a potential purchase she was hesitating over, Cardi found herself at another low as she was called out again.

Cardi B recently came under fire for a tweet she made about a purse.

On December 6th, Cardi tweeted asking her followers if she should buy a purse that costs $88 thousand dollars.

While some fans encouraged her to buy it, others immediately called the tweet tone-deaf, saying Cardi was flaunting her wealth during a pandemic.

Many of Cardi's fans tweeted at her to explain why people were upset.

"I love you mama but it was just tone-deaf it's what it is. Nobody trynna drag you down," tweeted one fan, while others explained that many people are struggling during the pandemic.

Even those who had received charity from Cardi before spoke out.

"I was a grateful recipient of $500 from you this summer. Despite your charity, your tweet about spending 88k when people are literally struggling to survive is insensitive. Your charity doesn't preclude you from critique," read a tweet Cardi shared a screenshot of.

Cardi finally responded by promising to match donations to any charity or foundation that her fans made in response to her tweet.

She also added, "Definitely buying the bag now," with a shrugging emoji.

What do you think? Should Cardi be flaunting her wealth, or should she be allowed to tweet what she wants? Let us know how you feel in the comments!