18+ Times People Successfully Drove Us Crazy

As we traipse through our everyday lives, most of us will encounter someone who just can't help but annoy the living daylights out of us from time to time... Some people even marry this person!

From toothbrush bandits to muffin marauders, please enjoy these 15+ people who successfully drove us crazy.

"Don't you hate it when you need to tap your train ticket but someone put a roasted chicken on the scanner?"

Err...yes, yes I absolutely do. I mean, it has never happened to me yet, but I know for a fact that I would hate it.

"If only there was a cheaper, aesthetically pleasing, more natural way to get shade."

Clearly, the person who did this was wronged by a tree at some point in their life, and this was just payback.

"This is Yoda. Yoda likes tomatoes."

I normally find it massively irritating when our pets try to destroy our tree, but I'll admit that this is somewhat adorable.

Why Would They Do Such A Thing?

Maybe their hope is that you will come to appreciate the product more once you have fought it out of this packaging?

"Smile More..."

Wow, just wow. This is funny in the worst way possible. How is he supposed to smile more with a mask on?!

"My little brother eats a burger layer by layer..."

Nope, couldn't be dealing with that. I know that some people were saying, "He can eat it however he wants, so long as he is enjoying it," but this is wrong.

"Getting back to my seat after a bathroom break."

What kind of animal thinks that this is acceptable airplane etiquette? Christ, I hate air travel, and this kind of stuff is exactly why... Well, that and the food.

This Mildly Infuriating Tattoo...

The shift up from 3rd gear to 4th gear must be one hell of a switch in this person's car.

"Asked for extra cheese on the burger. Clearly someone's first day."

Well, it is either someone's first day or their last and they just don't care anymore.

"This pressure washing job..."

Well, now it looks worse if anything. All that they have done is draw attention to how dirty the pavement is!

Who The Hell Designed This Chart?

There is just so much wrong here that it is hard to focus on one thing. I mean, the colors don't match up, they repeat the colors, the font is abysmal... Where do you start?

"How can they even call this 'non-dairy?'"

"Can we market this as 'non-dairy'?"

"But, it's got milk..."

"La la la la, not listening to your negativity, Dave, I'm off to start working on the packaging!"

The House That Inconvenience Built...

Just cut your plugs in half, or down to size, and then they will safely fit in!

(Please don't actually trim plugs, dear God, don't do that!)

"My wife ate every single marshmallow in a family sized box of Count Chocula. EVERY SINGLE ONE."

I'm sure that wherever this woman's dentist is, they are cackling like a maniacal evil genius.

"A photo of the gingerbread homewrecker."

That is the look of a dog that is thinking, "I'll do it again damn it, and I'll enjoy it even more the next time."

"The kids have been asking, dad is delivering. Christmas is going to be great..."

These newer Switch models have really tried to streamline the controls by the looks of things. I bet it would be hard to play Zelda on that.

"Spreadable butter..."

Jesus, I know that some spreadable butter is a little hard, but just wait for it to warm up a bit instead of mutilating this poor bread!

"It just bothers me..."

Oh, how could anyone let this get into such a state? I can't help but imagine the keys must crunch when you press them?

"I might have to kill my husband..."

This long-suffering spouse added, "He knows how much this annoys me and actually chased me around the house yesterday and made me watch him eat the tops. [...] Surely that would stand up in court as spousal abuse, right?! Lol."

"I can only dream of being such a perfect combo of creative and petty."

Well, thank you, whoever you are who did this, as now I have a new go-to revenge prank.