Whip Up A Gorgeous Cupcake Wreath Instead Of Cookies This Holiday Season

Guys. Cupcake wreaths. Do I need to say more?

This year's hottest decor trend is one that you can eat, which is the best kind of trend there is. It's super easy to do, and it's absolutely delicious. Let's check it out!

Cupcake wreath, anyone?

How cute is this? The fun in these is the different ways you can decorate them with your favorite Christmas palette and icons. Imagine an edible bow on this one? So cute.

Some bakers get EXTREMELY intricate with them.

This is a professional-level design, and thus totally unrealistic for me, who is a disaster is the kitchen. But it's gorgeous to look at, isn't it? Ugh, all that purple. Gorgeous.

But most wreaths keep it pretty simple.

Most are just basic cupcakes iced with a notched tip and sprinkled with glitter and other Christmas treats. Those gingerbread men look absolutely delicious and I want some.

Here's how you do it:

This TikTok has step-by-step instructions on how to put yours together. Make a circle of un-iced cupcakes, then add another layer around the outside of it. (The second layer is totally optional).

Then, decorate however you want!

I prefer swirls, but I have to admit that those tiny peaks definitely look more like trees or branches. Make sure you get a tip with a precise enough cut, otherwise yours will come out gloopy.

Next up, outline the bow.

Leave the top of the cupcakes bare and outline your bow on them. Then, take a spatula and smooth out your icing lines to make the bow look more cohesive.

Keep decorating the bow.

Add your green around the bow. You can also add the bow on top of the green, but it'll look lumpier, and have double the icing of the other cupcakes.

Add your candy as decorations!

And there you have it: a simple, delicious decoration that your party guests can snack on after dinner. I'm going for that bow — it looks so yummy.

What wreath will you make?

A fun, classically Christmas one, or perhaps one like this pastel fantasy? No matter what you pick, I bet you're going to have a delightful time making and eating it.