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10+ Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Famous TV Shows That'll Change Some Perspectives

There is so much good television these days, from comedies to superhero sagas, and we all have our favorite shows.

However, there's a lot that goes into creating television that viewers don't get to see or hear about very often. As fans, we love seeing pictures from behind-the-scenes that give us insight into how the series was made.

Here are 10+ behind-the-scenes photos from famous television shows that will totally change how you view the series.

*Grey's Anatomy* isn't so dire off-screen.

Grey's Anatomy is filled with heart-wrenching moments and serious scenes, but these life-and-death scenarios are just made up.

This photo shows that actresses like Sarah Drew like to play around on set, and it also gives a close-up view of prosthetics used for the show.

*This Is Us* isn't just a family affair.

While we all love This Is Us for bringing us so many real and emotional moments between family members, it can be easy to forget that the Pearsons aren't real.

This photo showing Mandy Moore on set in a bathroom reveals just how many other people are around for the tear-jerking scenes.

A bunch of Handmaids hanging out together.

While The Handmaid's Tale might be full of very serious and often difficult to watch scenes, seeing a group of actresses playing handmaids is a totally different vibe.

These actresses are just chilling in the grass between takes, and it's a bit jarring to think of the difference.

Stunt doubles deserve all the credit.

So much work goes into creating a television series, and there are so many other people involved that don't always get enough credit.

This awesome photo from the set of Jessica Jones shows Krysten Ritter hanging out with her stunt double.

Even more body doubles are needed!

In some cases, there are many body doubles and stunt doubles needed for one actor.

This really cool throwback photo shows Alyson Hannigan hanging out on the set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with three of her body doubles.

Both Olsen twins in one place.

While there is only one Michelle Tanner on Full House, the character was played by twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

This photo shows John Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse, helping both of the actresses get ready on the set.

Supergirl next to a greenscreen.

More and more off-screen technology goes into creating television these days.

This photo from the set of Supergirl shows just how many of these scenes are totally CGI-created.

It's definitely a bit funny to see actress Melissa Benoist next to a man in a full-body suit.

This shot of Dexter "killing" someone.

Dexter had a lot of dark moments, and fans will never forget the scenes of Dexter being a serial killer.

However, this picture of actor Michael C. Hall on set with a camera next to him reminds us all that television series like this are fake.

All the time and effort of makeup for a character.

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Whether it's makeup, prosthetics, or fake blood, a lot of work goes into getting characters ready for filming.

This photo shows Jaimie Alexander's tattoos from the series Blindspot before they get applied. It definitely shows how much time it would take to get these right for each take!

This adorable shot of two *Friends* actors.

One thing we as fans love to see is the actors from our favorite series hanging out together on set.

This cute photo shows that Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry seemed to be good "friends" off-screen, too. They at least made each other laugh.

Bedroom scenes aren't as intimate as they look.

Many series feature close-up shots of a couple talking in bed, and these scenes often look extremely intimate.

However, they really aren't. This behind-the-scenes photo from Friday Night Lights shows just how many people are also in the room during scenes like these.

This cool shot of the iconic Impala.

The Impala from Supernatural is practically a character of its own on the series.

So, it's really interesting to see the prop on the set of the series as a shot is getting set up.

Once again, we are all reminded of how much work and how many people are around for every TV scene.

There are many other people around while filming reality TV, too.

While we often think of behind-the-scenes photos as only applying to fictional shows, there are many people around behind the camera while filming reality television, too.

This photo, from the filming of Queer Eye, shows that it's more than just the Fab Five who make the show so great.

Emilia Clarke protecting her Daenerys hairdo.

It's often a bit strange to see actors on the set of serious or dramatic shows like Game of Thrones.

This photo that the actress shared on her Instagram shows her looking a bit adorable and bundled up trying to protect her hair from the rain.

*Outlander's* battle scenes almost look realistic except for...

On Outlander, there are many action and battle sequences, and the sets for these do look rather impressive and almost real.

However, the addition of crew members in normal clothes and the gear strewn about the scene makes for quite an interesting juxtaposition.

Originally, *Sons Of Anarchy*'s Clay Morrow was played by Scott Glenn

I kid you not, they even shot the pilot episode and everything. Producers felt that more was needed from Clay, so they turned their sights toward Ron Perlman.

Would you have liked to have seen Scott in the president's chair?

Saying goodbye to *The Big Bang Theory*.

What I love most about this photo is the way it captures the emotions of the cast. As you can see, there are some pretty mixed reactions as they prepare to take their final bow.

A rainy day on the set of *Arrow*.

Did you hear the recent news about Green Arrow and the Canaries? It looks like the network won't be moving forward with the spin-off series after all.

Which is a total shame if you ask me.

Cameron Monaghan is most definitely not the Joker on *Gotham*.

Gotham was actually barred from calling Monaghan the Joker for legal reasons. Warner Bros. and DC opted to reserve the Joker character for their cinematic universe only.

He may not share the title but Cameron certainly embodies the essence of the Clown Prince of Crime.

Getting festive with the cast of *Merry Happy Whatever*.

I know that I'm in the minority with this opinion, but I thoroughly enjoyed Merry Happy Whatever, so much so that it's now a part of my regular holiday rotation.

Fingers crossed that we someday get a second season.

Cuddling up for Christmas on *This Is Us*.

Clearly, the chemistry shared by Randall and Beth Pearson is as palpable off-screen as it is in front of the camera.

I absolutely love these two together; Randall steals the show as far as I'm concerned.

A socially distant *Saturday Night Live* table read with host Kristen Wiig.

Kristen has a bottle of Fiji water, a metalic water bottle, plus another bottle of what appears to be sparkling water.

I thought I took hydration seriously but clearly, I'm just an amateur when compared to Cheetah over here.

Isaiah Stannard is happy to be back at work on *Good Girls*.

If you're looking for a new binge-worthy series to sink your teeth into during times of lockdown, look no further than Good Girls.

Isaiah shows a lot of promise for someone so young.

Killing time with the cast of *One Chicago*.

When it comes to making a television show, one thing they don't tell you is how boring it can be.

So what better way to help pass the time than by snapping a few goofy selfies with your fellow castmates?

All smiles after the season finale of *Transplant* wrapped.

I don't often get surprised by TV shows, but Transplant threw me for a loop. I had it pegged as being just another prototypical hospital drama and it is anything but.

Season 2 needs to hurry up and get here!

*The judges of *The Voice* are dressed in their best.

I have nothing but respect for Blake Shelton, he's one heck of a singer. But a fashion icon, he most assuredly is not.

The poor guy sticks out like a sore thumb among his fellow judges.

It looks like Amy finally got her name right on *Superstore*.

I honestly don't know what Superstore is going to do now that they've officially parted ways with America Ferrera.

We all know what happened to The Office when Steve Carell left. Here's to hoping Superstore doesn't follow the same trajectory.

Some more antics from the set of *One Chicago*.

I promise that this is the last photo from One Chicago. You'll see.

What in the world is going on here; is that supposed to be comfortable? If you saw someone doing this on the street, how would you react?

Kevin Pearson from *This Is Us* wants to wish you a Happy International Dog Day!

My fiancée and I have been weighing the pros and cons of getting our own fur-baby, and I must say that seeing this picture makes it hard for me to put up much of a fight.

How adorable is this?!

Changing perspectives on *Brooyklyn 99*.

There are a lot of unsung heroes in the world of television. Sound engineers, riggers, prop and makeup people, as well as a smorgasbord of others.

It's kind of neat being able to see what they see.

A little goofing off in between takes on the set of *The Good Place*.

When the cast gets control of the camera, all bets are off.

As fate would have it, Kristen actually did direct her first episode of The Good Place in season 4.