Former Bride Asks For Advice After Learning Groomsman 'Stole' Her Wedding

A lot of time and effort goes into planning a wedding. The bride and groom, or brides and grooms, usually spend months, or even years, making sure their special day is absolutely perfect. At the very end of it, they hope that their guests enjoy all of the planning that goes into celebrating their love together.

Some couples are very picky about when and where they get married.

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Some people are picky about the wedding date due to the season. Other people are picky about the venue due to location and food.

Sometimes, when guests attend a wedding, they may fall in love with the venue and want to use it in the future.

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I've been to tons of weddings at the same location only to find out that the couple had chosen the location based on a previous wedding they had attended there.

However, there are some couples who feel very strongly that it's "wrong" for another couple to "steal" their wedding venue.

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Sometimes, people feel really strongly about where they have their wedding and don't want anyone else to "steal" their location, even if it's not technically "theirs."

Recently, one woman wrote into Reddit asking if she's wrong for being upset with someone in her husband's groomsmen party.

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The woman said that she wanted to "confront" her groomsman for "stealing her wedding." Apparently, it's a pretty sticky situation in her eyes.

The woman said that she and her husband have been married for five years.

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She referred to the groomsman as "B."

"B and I have been friends for many years, he was a groomsman in my wedding 5 years ago. When my husband and I looked at the save the date, we noticed that not only is it on our wedding date, it’s the same venue," she said.

She asked if she was "wrong" for wanting to confront him.

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"Would I be the asshole if I spoke to B about this? He gave us no warning at all. If we had gotten a heads up, I wouldn’t be that upset. It was quite the shock," she wrote.

Many people on Reddit said this woman, is indeed, wrong about this situation.

"People are so self-absorbed when it comes to their wedding. you don’t own a date or a venue. Get over yourself. They probably don’t even remember what date you got married 5 YEARS after the fact," one person said.

Others pointed out that their own wedding was five years ago—pretty much a while back.

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"You got married 5 years ago?! What even is the problem? You don’t own that date in perpetuity. Seriously. Just be happy for your friend who is getting married. So what if two different couples happen to have the same anniversary? It’s not a big deal," another Reddit user commented.

Others said take it as a compliment.

"I'm not sure why you're so upset. Either B loved your wedding so much he wanted to do the same thing... or he is super lazy and copied you. Doesn't matter, this is a sitcom plot scenario, figure out how to laugh about it," another added.

What do you think? Was choosing the same venue and date a faux pas?

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