Parents Share Their Hilarious Elf On The Shelf Ideas That Are For Adult Eyes Only

Who says kids are the only ones who are supposed to have fun during the holidays? Not me!

If you're looking for some adult fun this Christmas season, why not flip the Elf on the Shelf idea into something hilariously NSFW? You can create some naughty adult versions for yourself or your friends to make them chuckle. I think you'll appreciate these ideas here.

1. This Drunken Fun

This is definitely not the kind of example I would like to set for my kids. Therefore, this Elf on the Shelf edition is an adults-only one.

Now, stop stealing my tiny bottles of vodka already.

2. This Brutal Scene

If you still haven't seen Avengers: End Game, I don't want to spoil it for you.

But, then again, I think this little scene sets the mood pretty well here. But...don't show it to your kids, pretty please.

3. This Awkward Moment

Oh my goodness, what is this elf up to here? I don't think I want to know. I hope nobody drinks this lemonade.

This one elf deserves to be on Santa's "Naughty" list this year.

4. This Rascal

It's one thing to get into your parents' liquor cabinet. It's quite another to feed mulled wine to the dogs.

Look at those unsuspecting faces here, don't they look adorable? I don't want to see what happens to them after they drink this.

5. This *Friends* Edition

Any fellow fan of Friends will immediately recognize this scene. Pivot... PIVOT!

Just make sure you don't get the elf stuck there permanently. On second thought, that might be the ideal spot after all, ha, ha!

6. This Tattoo Masterpiece

If you don't want your kids to get any ideas, don't let them see this Elf on the Shelf scene.

Next thing you know, one of them will want some new tattoos.

7. This Revenge Scene

"Say one more word and you'll get it."

I wonder what this elf did to these toys in the past for them to exact revenge on him like this. I think it must've been something pretty bad indeed.

8. This Web Of Lies

How do you catch an elf in a web of lies?

Well, that's one way of doing it, hee, hee. I bet this little guy has learned a valuable lesson here. Don't mess with anybody in this family.

9. This Friendly Act

Who needs friends when you've got enemies? Am I right? In this case, this naughty elf will pretend to be your friend.

But once he gets you drunk, all bets are off. What a mean little guy.

10. This Bum Deal

Come on, who hasn't done this at their office? 'Fess up, we're all friends here.

My only word of advice is to try not to get caught by the boss, alright? That wouldn't look too good for that Christmas bonus.

11. This Candy Cane Throne

Here's the perfect ode to Game of Thrones.

I wonder if the process of winning a seat on this candy cane throne is as violent as winning the Iron Throne. I guess there's only one way to find out...

12. This Dinner Scene

I bet this would be one thing that would make your kids shriek if they saw it.

So if you don't want to traumatize them, make sure you enjoy it alone. Or, share it with your adult friends for a laugh, of course.

13. This Murder Scene

Oh, no! Say it isn't so! Did this naughty elf kill Mr. Carrot? That's not nice. Yes, this is something you wouldn't want your kids to see.

Quick, hide it away somewhere where they can't find it.

14. This Naughty Girl

Apparently, this elfette has been pretty naughty, and her evil ways have caught up with her.

Now she got herself stuck in a glass, and she's hoping these guys will help her get out of it.

15. This Cheeky Elf

Oh, no, don't let your kids find this naughty elf here.

I don't know how they would feel seeing their favorite toy treated that way by a crocodile, he, he. That's one scene that might give them nightmares.

16. This HO HO HO Situation

Wow, here's one inappropriate use of your friendship with Barbie.

I don't know what this elf has on her, but it must be something pretty naughty since she agreed to put on a show like this for him.

17. This Inappropriate Use Of The Toothbrush

Come on, elf, not the toothbrush. Isn't there anything sacred in a person's house?

It looks to me like whoever lives in this house should start locking their bathroom from now on, eh?

18. This Wine Tasting Mishap

This is what happens when you take a naughty elf wine tasting. As it turns out, some people — and elves — can't hold their liquor, ha, ha.

Next time, just leave the elf at home where he belongs.

19. This Bribe

It looks to me like this elf has been snooping around the house. And now he's gotten himself into Mom's secret Botox stash.

He's going to have to work pretty hard because those vials are pretty expensive, you know.

20. This Offer Somebody Did Refuse

Here's an ode to The Godfather. I guess this elf made somebody an offer they did refuse, and now he's done the only thing he thought was appropriate.

It's the kind of scene only parents would get.

21. This Sweet Scene

Speaking of famous movies, who else remembers this sweet scene from Sixteen Candles? Aw, how nice is this?

It's the kind of elf shenanigans I like to see. I hope he doesn't have anything naughty up his sleeve.

22. This Road Kill

Oh my goodness, it looks like somebody took their Elf on the Shelf antics a bit far this year.

I have to give them props, though, for coming up with quite the unique scenario. It's pretty hilarious.

23. This Elf Switcheroo

Did somebody say Child's Play? Oh my, I would be scared if I was this person's kid.

This is not something you want to see when you're expecting the Elf on the Shelf. Am I right?

So how do you like these adult versions of the Elf on the Shelf?

I told you that you could make it fun for yourself.

I might get into the holiday spirit this year and set up my own naughty scene.