Get Your 'Gnome' Ready For The Holidays With A DIY Gnome Christmas Tree

Alright, gnome enthusiasts. Gnomies, if you will. We've figured out how to decorate your outdoor trees as gnomes, but what about your indoor trees?

Never fear, gnome decor is here. From gnome Christmas trees to tree toppers, we've got all your gnome needs covered. Your gneeds, even.

I am not done with the puns yet. In fact, we're just getting started.

So, we've done the whole outdoor thing.

If you want to turn one of your trees into a gnome, I've got the article for you right here.

For the indoors, we're going to scale things down and get a little cozier.

Hello, adorable gnome friend!

It's much easier to get creative and customize your gnome on a smaller scale! You can use kid's hats and gloves, and a little ornament for a nose. Hi, adorable.

You can also turn the tiniest little trees into gnomes!

Picking up some of those tiny trees from Marshall's is a great jumping-off point for your gnome crafting. Your...gnafting, if you will. That wasn't a good one, my bad.

If you REALLY like gnomes...

Maybe doing an entire tree full of gnomes is more your speed. Pull out your best gnome ornaments and get to decorating a gnee, aka a gnome tree.

You can also get in on the whole "Grinch tree" trend.

Use your topsy-turvy tree to create a cute little gnome tree with some subtle gnome elements! This one is more of a minimalist, gnome-inspired tree, which I love. Keepin' in subtle.

Of course, you can do it on a larger scale indoors.

If you don't want to decorate your whole tree, turn that bad boy into a gnome. I'm fairly certain this one's hat is made of wrapping paper, so you don't even need to sew!

How cute does this look?

Of course, when it comes to making the beard, there are a few different options. Some people have been using mop heads from the dollar store, while others make one with that chunky yarn that's very trendy right now. Either way, it's super easy.

Or, you can skip the beard all together!

I kind of love the simplicity of this gnome! His buffalo plaid hat and mittens are definitely on point for the holiday season.

If turning your whole tree into a gnome isn't quite your thing...

You could put a little gnome at the top of your tree! It'll have the spirit of the whole gnome trend, but on a much smaller scale for us minimalists in the crowd.

You can get a handmade one on Etsy.

Because handmade is always better, let's be real. You can order your own gnome topper in gray or red clothes for $22 on Etsy! Shop small this Christmas, everyone!

If all else fails, bake yourself a gnome.

I mean, who doesn't love a Christmas dessert? If you aren't feeling the home decor thing, there's no reason you can't bake yourself a nice little treat. You deserve it.