Celebrities Share What They Really Look Like When They Aren't Working

Now, more than ever, we have some seriously suspect opinions when it comes to body image. Thanks to the magic of Photoshop and digital retouching, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction.

That's why it's always refreshing when celebrities take the time to show us what they look like when they're not in front of the camera. Have a look and see what they really look like when they're not working.

Kristen Bell.

Kristen is one of the most honest celebrities on social media. She's built a reputation for being down to earth, and her Instagram is littered with photos just like this.

If anyone can bring back perms and crimped hair, it's Kristen.

Justin Bieber.

When the Biebs isn't wowing audiences around the world, he prefers the style and swag that only sweatpants can provide.

I'm also digging that pink windbreaker that Justin has on. The blond hair, however, not as much.

Rebel Wilson.

I love Rebel Wilson and it has been so incredibly motivating following along on her weight-loss journey.

That being said, I don't really understand the look she's going for with this red hat. I don't hate it, I'm just a little confused.

Karl Urban.

I genuinely wasn't sure what Karl Urban looked like off-camera. The man is a true Hollywood chameleon, as well as one of the better character actors out there.

In this photo, he's channeling some serious Indiana Jones vibes.

Zoë Kravitz.

Zoë has some intense nails going on in this picture! But more than anything, I'm totally obsessed with her t-shirt.

It looks like the kind of thing you'd get for having your birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese, and I mean that as a compliment.

Hugh Jackman.

Hugh Jackman has never balked at showing his fans the more private side of his life. Sure, he may play a superhero on the big screen, but he's just like you or me when the camera stops rolling.

If you or I were made of adamantium, that is.

Natalie Portman.

It's sun-out-tongue-out for Natalie Portman. I've been utterly obsessed with her ever since I saw her work in Leon the Professional.

As far as I'm concerned, she's one of the most naturally beautiful women in all of Hollywood.

Chris Hemsworth.

Sure, Chris Hemsworth might look like a golden god in the movies, but when the lights go down...well...he's still a golden god.

Still, there's nothing like watching Chris give positive affirmations while sitting peacefully in a bed of flowers.

Julia Roberts.

I don't know what it is but I am loving Julia Roberts with her thick glasses. Even with a plain white tee, she's radiant and glowing.

I wouldn't be mad in the slightest if she chose to rock this look all the time.

Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jake Gyllenhaal with a pony-tail and a tie-dye shirt is something to behold. I never really thought he'd be able to pull it off, but I have to admit I'm a fan of his newfound flowing locks.

Reese Witherspoon.

Oh. My. God. Is this not the cutest picture you've ever seen? I've never been so envious of a dog in my entire life.

I know it's probably redundant to say at this point, but Reese is the freaking Queen.

Henry Cavill.

Superman is looking super scruffy and a little on the disheveled side with those wavy curls bouncing atop his head.

Henry captioned this photo with the poem "In Flanders Fields" to commemorate the fallen heroes on Remembrance Day.

Halle Berry.

I almost wish that Halle Berry wasn't so forthcoming when it came to showing the private side of her life.

She seriously looks better having just got out of the shower than I do after hours of primping and prepping.

Ricky Gervais.

Do not adjust your screen, what you're seeing isn't some kind of glitch in the Matrix.

It's just Ricky Gervais, posing for his most recent bathtub selfie. If ever there was an image to shatter the illusion of Hollywood elegance — this is it.

Jennifer Aniston.

I need to get my hands on Jennifer Aniston's beauty regime ASAP. I don't know how she does it but somehow she's more beautiful now than she was 25 years ago.

What's the secret, Jen? I have to know!

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick.

Kevin and Kyra may use acting to make ends meet, but their true passion is and always has been music.

Seeing these two perform their heartfelt duet just makes me gush on the inside. Kyra has quite the voice, too.

Timothée Chalamet.

There's so much that I want to address with this picture. First, I'm so glad that Tim has officially made it cool to start wearing bracelets again.

Second, I didn't even know they still made corduroy pants, let alone pink ones!

Kerry Washington.

When Kerry isn't working, she likes to get back to nature in order to find her center. She uses yoga as a means to destress and quiet her mind.

I myself have recently begun doing yoga; I've almost mastered child's pose.

Jack Quaid.

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy...

Of all the series I'm hoping we'll see make their return in 2021, The Boys is paramount. Especially since it was announced that Jensen Ackles will be joining the cast as Soldier Boy.

Jonah Hill.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the minimalist approach. But Jonah's living room could really use a little sprucing up.

Hopefully his adorable new doggo will see to that. Nothing says "homey" quite like teeth marks in the chesterfield.

Margot Robbie.

I've been calling for a Grace Slick biopic for years now. After seeing Margot rocking these heart-shaped sunglasses, I can't shake the idea of her portraying the former frontwoman for Jefferson Airplane.

Watching Margot attempting "White Rabbit" would be something to behold.

Drew Barrymore.

Confidence is a funny thing to measure in a person because it can be defined and represented in a number of different ways.

I personally can't think of a bigger boss move than to clean your ears with a giant Q-tip on Instagram Live, can you?

Nicole Kidman.

So I guess Nicole Kidman owns alpacas; that's neat.

At first, you might make the mistake of thinking Nicole is leaning in for a kiss. But when I look at this photo, I see a ceremonial bow before a martial arts contest.

Charlize Theron.

Few things on this earth are as satisfying as great BBQ, a fact that Charlize is clearly well aware of.

If this photo isn't making you hungry while also making you feel bad because there is no way you can look that good while eating, join the club.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair.

Who remembers a time when we could actually get this close to another human being? It seems like ages ago.

It's great to see that even after two decades since Cruel Intentions wrapped, Selma and Sarah remain the best of friends.

Matt LeBlanc.

Fun fact: It's incredibly difficult to find a picture of Matt LeBlanc where his tongue isn't sticking out.

Who knew that Joey from Friends was a gear head? I'm as shocked as you are. Although I guess "The One With Joey's Porsche" makes a lot more sense now.

Jim Parsons.

Jim painted this picture while participating in a Zoom art lesson with a group of friends, something I've always wanted to try!

But knowing myself, I'd probably just get angry and turn it into a Jackson Pollock halfway through the call.

Cameron Diaz.

Cameron Diaz is a cheat code when it comes down to it. Regardless of whether she's working or not, she still looks radiant as ever.

I bet her makeup team absolutely loves her; she makes their jobs so easy!

Robert Downey Jr.

I have oh so many questions for RDJ. The hat, that wig, and that egg-white tracksuit. What does it all mean, Robert?!

If anyone had any lingering doubts about how much Iron Man just doesn't care, this video is IT.

Mark Ruffalo.

"Hulk soak!" I bet you that's what Mark Ruffalo says every time he climbs into his bathtub — I know I would.

I'm also campaigning hard to bring back baths to the masses. They're the absolute best.

Ariana Grande.

I've said this before, so I don't want to sound like a broken record, but Ariana Grande is a treasure. She's Gen-Z's Mariah Carey and she's only just beginning.

Also, can we all agree that "Stuck With U" was the most relevant song of 2020?