Charlie Hunnam Says He's 'Tired Of Celebrities Screaming Their Political Opinions At Us'

It's not easy to be a celebrity these days. Well, it's actually much easier to be a celebrity than a normal person these days, but y'all know what I mean.

So when Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam got candid about being over hearing fellow celebrities talking about politics, many fans couldn't help but agree.

Charlie Hunnam is best known for being the ultimate bad-boy-with-a-heart, Jax Teller, from the hit FX series, *Sons of Anarchy.*

Charlie is also known for being gorgeous, talented, and hating social media.

Well, maybe he doesn't hate it, but he doesn't have it! While chatting with Jimmy Kimmel last month, the actor explained why he stays off social media.

When asked if he felt weird talking about politics while not being an American citizen, Charlie replied, "I feel a little bit uncomfortable just because I'm a guest in this country and I'm very grateful to be here.

"I've always wanted to live in America and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else in the world."

He continued: "I feel very grateful. And secondly, I just feel, ya know, I don't have any social media and I feel a bit tired of celebrities screaming their political opinions at me, and at us as a whole."

"I would feel kind of reticent to do that."

Well there you have it, folks! Charlie Hunnam is about done with all the political talk from his fellow Hollywood friends. Watch the full interview down below!

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