Whip Up A Batch Of Homemade Candy Cane Vodka To Make Spirits Bright This Holiday

With the holiday seasons around the corner, everyone is looking for an inexpensive yet festive gift to give to their friends and loved ones. Let's face it, 2020 has left us all with some slim pockets this year. We've all been out of work or trying to save money in case we head for another shutdown.

Despite the ongoing spread of the coronavirus and the mandated "social distancing," people are still looking for ways to celebrate the holiday season.

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We all still want to spread happiness and joy to our friends and family, despite the fact that we won't be able to see all of them for the holiday season.

If there's one thing everyone needs in 2020, it's a drink.

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If you're going to give a great gift to friends and family, it should be something they need. Everyone needs a drink in 2020 after the year that we've all had.

Recently, people have been making homemade candy cane vodka just in time for Christmas.

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The perfect gift that you can give, people have been coming up with how to make candy cane flavored vodka that tastes honestly like Christmas in your mouth.

It's very easy to make!

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All you need are 12 full-size candy canes to make a 750 mL bottle of the flavored vodka. And, you need to have a food processor on hand.

Put all 12 candy canes into the food processor until they turn to dust.

Then, buy any non-flavored vodka that you'd like to use for this bottle. Anything will do, it's all your own preference!

In a jar or bottle, pour the vodka over the candy cane dust.

Then, put a lid or cap on the bottle and shake it up. Next, let it sit for 30 minutes, shaking occasionally until the vodka turns a pretty red and the powder is dissolved.

After you let it sit, use a strainer to get out all of the dust.

To give a gift to someone, you may want to buy some nice bottles to put the vodka in. You'll need to strain the vodka to put it into the bottles to get rid of the remaining candy cane dust.

You can also put a pretty label on it to make it custom and cute!

Printing out labels from online can be free and easy to do. You can even customize them with your friend's and family name to make it extra sweet.

Or, you can make the vodka for yourself and have a boozy Christmas time at home.

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Whether you're making it for yourself or for a gift, candy cake vodka is the perfect way to relax this holiday season after a long, stressful year!