The 'Catfish' Challenge Has Women Showing What They Look Like Without Makeup

There's no doubt these days that what you see on social media isn't always the truth. We're used to seeing people showing themselves from the best possible angles.

Ladies make sure they have their full-on makeup before they take their selfies. But in reality, they look much different. That's why the latest beauty-related TikTok challenge is so refreshing to see.

A 22-year-old Australian TikToker known as @moldogaa started this challenge when she showed her face without makeup.

And then the trend took off from there with many other TikTokers doing the same with hilarious results. Most have done it to make fun of themselves.

Women of all ages have started doing their own versions of the "catfish challenge" and I've gotta say, it's super funny.

It's cool to see these ladies not taking things too seriously and just going with the flow. See what the power of makeup does?

This lady took a screen photo of herself then green-screened it and sat in front of it to reveal what she really looks like.

I think she even shocked herself, ha, ha! Ah, what we do for social media, huh?

Some of the bigger TikTokers also joined in on the fun and their videos were so popular they got millions of views.

I take it that's pretty good. If you're on TikTok perhaps you can let me know if that is or not but those numbers don't sound too shabby to me.

I hope you realize that these videos aren't made in a mean-spirited way.

In fact, it's just the opposite. They're being created to show that you shouldn't really believe everything you see on social media. And isn't that so true?

Oh wow, isn't this simply incredible?

I wouldn't have thought this was even the same person. I've got to give this lady props for her mad makeup skills here. I can't even make myself look this good, hee, hee! What do you say?

I don't know about you, but I think this girl has made herself look like a dude on purpose here.

I guess she's trying to make a point that social media can be so deceiving and that is definitely true.

Talk about amazing makeup skills here, huh?

How is this even possible? I wish I was as good as this lady is with a makeup brush, ha, ha! It's obvious that the no-makeup face is very exaggerated and that's the whole point.

You have to see @muawk's video. It's totally hilarious.

She makes fun of herself like nobody else. I had to watch it a few times because I thought it was priceless. It made me laugh so hard. Just watch it.

OMG, what? Ha, ha! This is making me crack up.

Imagine going from that shot to that? I can't get over it. Her makeup is pretty much flawless here. I wonder how long it takes to look like that, huh?

Put your best foot forward. Isn't that what they always say?

And it's even more apparent on social media. Instead of showing yourself as you are with glasses and messy hair, we only show ourselves glammed up. Well, not anymore.

Who else is doing a catfish check like this girl?

Ha, ha, I think she's got the right idea here. I wonder how long it took to get ready for her makeup shot versus how quick it was to take the makeup-free pic? Want to give me a guess?

This lady did the catfish challenge in reverse.

You're going to love this story. She actually surprised her husband by looking all made-up because he's been seeing her with no makeup for months now. I think that's so sweet and funny.

Oh my goodness, this model went on a rant here.

She showed herself in various fashion magazines, looking all fancy and glammed up. Then, reality sets in, and well, the truth is she doesn't look like that all the time. That's the beauty of makeup.

Now, we all know who's to blame for all these touched up photos, right?

Of course, it's Snapchat. They give you all these filters that make you look like a doll, and that's not really what people look like in real life. Am I right?

So what do you think of this TikTok challenge?

I think it's refreshing to see people not take things too seriously. Most of these videos were made in good humor and that's the whole point of it. Don't you agree?