The Happiest Celebrity Couples Are The Ones Who Don't Get Married

We all know the stigma behind celebrity relationships. There's a reason people usually aren't surprised to hear that a famous couple has split up, or that a celebrity who's been married nine times is getting married again.

While a lot of long-lasting celebrity couples think that they have the secret to happiness together, I think the answer is pretty clear: the happiest celebrity couples are the ones who don't get married.

There are a ton of famous celebrity couples who have been together for years and haven't tied the knot.

Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham have been together 30 years. Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson have been together 18 years. Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova have been together 20 years. None of them are married, and they're all happy!

One of the most famous unmarried Hollywood couples is Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, who have been together for 37 years!

"We'd both been married and divorced," Kurt said about why the two weren't married in a recent interview. "What's the point?"

"You know, I haven't lost who I am. I didn't merge with someone else," Goldie went on to say.


As Goldie and Kurt made clear, a piece of paper doesn't actually change your relationship all that much.

As Enrique Iglesias once said, "I’ve never really thought marriage would make a difference. I don't think you love somebody more because of a piece of paper."

On top of that, celebrities face unique challenges when it comes to marriage that most couples don't: vast amounts of money to split, being famous with your maiden name, and having high-pressure jobs that can put serious strain on relationships.

Commitment in a relationship is definitely more than just a marriage license.

When you build a life with someone, especially in an industry as volatile as show business, it doesn't really matter what a piece of paper says!

Besides, I think if something is good enough for Goldie and Kurt, it should be good enough for me!

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