Lay's Released Salted Caramel Potato Chips Because Apparently, 2020 Wasn't Weird Enough

Over the years Lay's has released a large variety of flavors that have blown our minds. It's actually surprising that they just released chips with the iconic salted caramel flavor, but it is 2020, after all.

Although, we totally understand if it's a little questionable to some, we're kind of into it.

These new chips deserve their own spotlight and to be celebrated as one of this holiday's most unusual munchable, crunchable snacks.

Get ready to grab a bag or two or three while you can.

While they're chips, we feel like these goodies could easily belong on the dessert table this Christmas.

Just like the holidays, these new chip flavors are available for a limited time and may not return to shelves next season.

They seem to be pretty darn popular.

After being spotted at Kroger stores by several people who have posted via Instagram, the results are in: these chips are delicious. Well, to most reviewers so far, that is.

They're described as having the perfect ratio of sweet and savory that prevents them from being overpowering either way.

Then again, not everyone was pleased.

While there are many people raving over these salted caramel flavored chips, not everyone has found them to be the most delicious.

The flavors don't work for everyone, but the beauty of it is, these may not be for you, but may be perfect for a loved one.

Everyone has to find their own flavors and luckily Lay's has just enough of a flavor selection for everyone.

The only thing to do now is to give them a try while you can.

Honestly, the only way to know if you'll be hopelessly addicted to another chip flavor is to give it a try.

If you like salted caramel, it would be a loss to skip out on these, especially because they're only about $2 at select Kroger stores.

There's no beating the price and the flavor, and no matter what, you'll have another foodie journey to add to your collection.

Let us know what you think in the comments of these limited time salted caramel Lay's chips.

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