Influencer Sends A Message To Body-Shamers Who Think Cellulite Isn't 'Normal'

Ah, cellulite. The thing we all have that we've convinced we're not supposed to have.

Here's the thing, though: we're meant to have cellulite! And bumps, lumps, and rolls!

No one wants to emphasize that more than influencer Hayley Madigan, who took to Instagram to share her thoughts on this whole cellulite issue.

Meet Hayley.

She's a fitness influencer, body positivity advocate, and sports scientist. Rather than posting #fitspos, however, she dedicates her Instagram to showing off what her body really looks like — unflattering angles and all!

Her post about cellulite on her thighs really popped off recently.

She dedicated her post to educating those who don't like cellulite on themselves or others, and to those who judge others for having it. She also showed a comparison of herself with her own cellulite!

She explained that most people have cellulite.

"90% of Females have Cellulite, regardless of how much you workout, how much you diet (trust me on this one, I still had cellulite even when I competed on stage) and how much you force your body to change," she wrote.

She said acceptance is key.

"Learning to accept it - regardless of what other people think - is the best way you can support your mental health and self-confidence."

She also broke down the different angles of the picture.

"Now, the left image might look more ‘appealing’ than the right but that’s your perception of my body," she said, explaining that her exclusively posting perfect pictures builds a false reality of who she is.

She loves her body now.

"I see the areas I once hated but now embrace and love. I see my legs that are strong enough to keep me healthy and that allow me to thrive in my daily life."

Her body is totally normal.

"I don’t see what I once called flaws, all I see is something that is NORMAL for a woman and NORMAL IS BEAUTIFUL!"

Normal is good! Normal should be celebrated!

Her posting Instagram vs Reality pictures has helped a lot of people.

"After posting my first ‘Insta vs reality’ image, the feedback I got was simply … AMAZING!

People were so happy to see that my body had similar ‘flaws’ (I hate using that word!) to theirs & that no matter how lean or toned I was, I still had areas that weren’t ‘perfect’ & that is okay because we are all human!"

Being honest on Instagram truly does help others.

It takes the pressure off of having to have the perfect picture, angle, and lighting. If we just relax and accept ourselves and others as we are, we can truly be happy!