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Fireball-Filled Candy Canes Will Give Everyone A Reason To Celebrate This Christmas

This year has been a decade, am I right? There's been so much to juggle and shoulder and reconcile, and I feel so exhausted that I'm almost ready to give up on Christmas altogether. But of course, I won't. What would the gremlins say?

Thankfully, there are some people out there who understand me. And those people are the good folks at Fireball.

They've created a giant candy cane that's filled with little bottles of Fireball and it's like the salve my soul needs right now. Not to mention, the cinnamon-flavored liquor is the perfect compliment to all things winter and holiday.

This is one candy cane that I won't be sharing with Santa.

Sorry not sorry, but this candy cane is all mine. It's filled with 10 50-millilitre bottles of the spicy, fiery, cinnamon-y booze we all know and love, and that works as a marvelous addition to so many cocktails.

I see stocking stuffer in this candy cane's future. But is it cool to stuff my own stocking?

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Meh, I'm not even waiting for an answer to that question. It would also make a very kitschy addition to holiday decor. Maybe hang one (or two) by the fireplace, or lay one down by the tree. Don't be afraid to get creative with it!

Any way you choose to style it, this candy cane is exactly what we need to put this dreadful year behind us.

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I'm not advocating drinking to forget your troubles, but Fireball has been known to erase memories, so approach this product with caution. Above all else, though, allow it to ease you into the holidays with a sense of calm and celebration.

This year is almost over, so let's all kick it to the curb. Get a candy cane, share it with a loved one, and let Fireball usher in the warmth of the holidays...and heartburn. It also ushers in heartburn.

Happy holidays!

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