Women Share The Dumbest Things People Said To Them About The Female Body

You know how they say, "Kids say the darndest things?" Well, I think they should say that about adults too, ha, ha! Sometimes what comes out of their mouths is pretty baffling to me.

Especially when it comes to discussing things that have to do with a female body. This Twitter thread a woman started reveals the most ridiculous things women heard people say about their bodies.

Yes, it's so hard to cancel that monthly subscription when it comes to your period.

The only time they let you do it is when you reach menopause. And I can tell you every woman looks forward to that. I'm being sarcastic, of course.

Oh, I feel for this clueless father but I feel for his daughter the most.

How can she explain this to him when he doesn't seem to get it? Perhaps his wife should give him some much-needed education on the subject.

OMG, can you believe this guy and his response to this lady?

Are there guys out there that think this way? I'm horrified at his question. I only wish I knew what this lady's response was to him. I hope it set him straight.

Where do we even start with this one?

Clearly, this person never read the classic Everybody Poops when they were a toddler. Oh, boy. It's time someone brushed up on their basic human biology notes.

How do you deal with a jealous lover? Would you do what this lady did?

Well, I have to say it's one thing to be jealous about another person it's quite another to be jealous of a vibrator, ha, ha.

I can totally understand if this kind of logic came from a teenage boy or something like that, but an older relative? Come on.

Where in the world did he get it from? Does he not understand anything about how babies survive?

Honestly, you would think a gynecologist would know how the human body works especially when it comes to women.

It's not the pill itself that's making her gain weight it's the hormones, you dummy. Wow, who gave him a medical license?

Wow, can you imagine that? I think this guy is fishing for compliments.

Perhaps he thinks he's the only one who's got a GPS to track our G spot, ha, ha! I dunno, it might be fun to let him try his luck.

Get a load of this. Wouldn't it be amazing if this was possible?

I can think of so many occasions I would like to reschedule my period. For example, my birthday, my wedding, a beach vacation. I can go on and on, lol.

This coming from a guy who just had a lecture on ovulation. I mean, really?

Did you fall asleep or something like that? Perhaps next time, you should take very thorough notes so you don't ask dumb questions like that. I give up.

Wow, I've got to say just when I thought guys couldn't get any weirder, ha, ha!

I'm just happy my fiancé is not as dumb as these guys. What was the strangest thing you've ever had a guy say to you?