18+ 'Evil' Pranks That Felt Way Too Real

Pranks can take any form, and can strike when you least expect...which is kind of the point of them I guess.

From fake diary entries to horrific toilet paper tampering, here are 18+ pranks that felt too real for comfort!

"My girlfriend started a new diary today. I got curious and took a glance at it after asking her about it. Something tells me this a dummy diary."

Jacob needs to start learning how to respect his girlfriend's privacy, or at least learn how to not get caught out.

This Bookshop Knows What's Up!

Someone explained that this is the unabridged version of the lyrics to WAP, and it really changes the meaning behind it!

"The kids have been asking, dad is delivering. Christmas is going to be great..."

This is going to be really funny so long as they do have an actual Nintendo Switch on hand, otherwise it will be one hell of a cruel Christmas morning!

"Saw this window sticker at the bank today."

"Honey, did you hear someone honk?"

"Yeah, it was only Tim who fell out though."

"Oh...yeah, better keep going, we don't want to miss the movie."

"A special effects artist went above and beyond to make a custom face mask."

Wow, you cannot fault this guy on his craftsmanship! Also, it will probably do a good job of keeping people away from him as well!

"Testing out this [year's] April Fool's prank."

Sometimes the classics are just unbeatable. There are few things quite like seeing someone talking to a machine that is just not listening to them, and I don't know why.

"On a door at University."

I go through a similar cycle in my own life, thank God for cheap wine and takeaway though.

How Refreshing!

You can't mess around when it comes to cups of tea, the entirety of Britain has just let out a blood-curdling cry.

"I am 5'1". I asked my 6'2" husband to hang a mirror for me."

Pfft, just get a little stepladder so that you can see your reflection! No biggie...literally.

"Honey, I've done the dishes..."

I hope they have a lot of ink in that printer, as something tells me this is going to fill up pretty damn fast again and they'll need more of these!

"I might have to kill my husband..."

This is just unforgivable. This is the sort of stuff that divorces can be founded upon.

"This is pure evil..."

I always thought that discovering there is no toilet paper when it is too late is the worst thing that could happen in a bathroom, but this has blown it out of the water.

"My students are writing short stories. This is what I got from one of them."

I hope that they got an A on this assignment! One thing is for sure, they got into the mind of the character perfectly!

"Generic surprise birthday party for my wife."

In fairness, I hate the idea of themed parties as well, so this would be absolutely perfect for me.

"My wife wanted her sandwich cut in half. She was non-specific as to how."

I love this idea, this seems wonderfully cut to get two perfect first bites!

"I was the editor of my college newspaper. I hid things in it. My name is Sean."

I suppose that they could have hidden something much more offensive in there, so this is pretty decent of them!

"My wife put these Halloween decorations behind a door in our basement, now I need new underwear."

Nothing like keeping your significant other on their toes with stuff like this all year round! It is worth all the repercussions as well.

"My 8-year-old is a jerk and almost made me burn my house down."

This is a kid who has a bright future ahead of them...well, in terms of pranking they do. It's just a shame that you can't really make much money out of it typically.

"Roll window down, place broken glass on ground, and stage the area. She freaked out!"

They should then have told their wife that they reckon they can glue it back together, then roll the window up, sweep up the glass, and have her come back inside!

"Husband got pranked by his parents over the holidays."

Oh, and those things really don't come off easy. Which is kind of what they're designed to do in fairness.