10+ Things That Definitely Ruin TV Shows All The Time

When it comes to television shows, our love runs deep.

We obsess over the characters, buy all the fan merch there is, and go nuts over anyone who dares to diss the show.

But there are also TV moments that drive us nuts. We're talking want-to-rip-hair-out moments!

This ranges from characters badly fake eating or when our favorites get killed off.

When someone drinks a hot beverage and has no reaction.


Hot drinks require patience.

You can't just order a sizzling beverage from a coffee shop and go to town on it seconds later. You would burn your tongue! And yet, in shows like Friends, their tongues have no feeling apparently.

When someone lives in New York City and yet, they have a huge apartment.

Such was the case with Monica's huge apartment on Friends and Carrie Bradshaw's rent-controlled apartment on Sex and the City.

In real life, it would cost $2,116 per month to live in Carrie's apartment on the Upper East Side — not $700 like the show portrayed.

When someone orders food and then barely eats it.

This happened all of the damn time on The Big Bang Theory. You know, for people who order takeout like every night, they sure don't enjoy actually eating it.

Instead, they would pick at the food and drive viewers crazy.

When a show diverts from its source material.


If you're going to make a TV show based on a book or comic, it's a good idea to respect the material.

But The Walking Dead did the opposite of that by killing Carl off.

When someone breaks up with their partner and immediately sleeps with someone else.

Oh, Lorelai from Gilmore Girls.

This moment was a low one. As soon as she and Luke broke up, she ran to Christopher and slept with him. They even eventually got married. You're not supposed to marry your mistake!

When someone drinks alcohol and has no buzz.


We've seen this portrayed on several shows and it's maddening. The characters drink a ton of alcohol and yet, they still act super sober.

If something bad happens, they are even able to help out instead of making things worse.

When the main character leaves the show.


Looking at you, Michael Scott. He was the bones of the show, so to have him leave meant that there were some big shoes to fill.

This, unfortunately, led to a very awkward rest of season seven.

When the best character is killed off.

These characters are favorites for a reason: they are the heart of the show. Take that away and fans are less interested in watching.

This was the case when Poussey from Orange Is the New Black was killed off.

When the couple you were rooting for gets together.


Yes, you're overjoyed when they finally get together, but then you quickly realize that all the suspense is what kept you interested in the first place.

AKA Jim and Pam from The Office and Nick and Jess from New Girl.

When someone brushes their teeth and there is no foam.

What kind of toothpaste are these TV characters using?! When we brush our teeth, it is a hot mess.

TV shows may be fictional, but we demand that basic human chores be as real as possible.

When someone gets out of bed and immediately starts getting dressed.

First of all, us regular folk lie in bed and look at our phones for 30 minutes.

And THEN, we head to the washroom to use the toilet and make a mess out of our toothpaste.

When someone finds out something important and doesn't tell the person closet to them.

Um, cough, Luke from Gilmore Girls!

If you're engaged to someone, it makes sense to let them know that you discovered you have a daughter. Keeping this secret ended up ruining Luke and Lorelai's relationship.

When two characters who are wrong for each other get together.

There are just some things that don't go together in this world. Peanut butter and tuna. Oil and water. Blair and Dan from Gossip Girl.

Their relationship made no sense and we're glad it ended.

When there is inadequate lighting.

We waited eight seasons to see that epic battle between the battle against the White Walkers on Game of Thrones only to need night vision to capture what was going on.

Thank goodness for that fire.

When someone does something so out of character.

Betty doing that striptease dance on Riverdale, anyone?

To make things worse, the audience was filled with middle-aged men who loved every minute of seeing a 16-year-old dance.

When someone is badly injured and then basically recovers the same day.

This once happened on the show 24. A guy was shot in the neck and has surgery and then is back to the office that same day.

Something like that would keep you away from work for a while!

When someone makes a stupid decision for the sake of love.


It was hard for Scandal to redeem itself after it made Fitz, the President of the United States, wage war just to get Olivia, his mistress, back safely.

You're putting people's lives at stake over your complicated love life.

When someone dies for a stupid reason.

This was the case with Jack on This Is Us. It felt like a slap in the face for viewers to discover that this beloved character died at the hands of a malfunctioning crockpot.

He deserved better.

When someone is driving and looks away from the road for too long.

This one freaks us out. How do they not crash when they're so interested in what the other character has to say?

PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROAD. Every time it happens, it pisses us off even more.