Two Scenes From 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Were Removed For Being Too Sad For Families

It's crazy to believe that Mrs. Doubtfire premiered 28 years ago this week. Where has the time gone?!

In addition to giving us warm, fuzzy feelings, this movie gave us the late Robin Williams at his best.

But it's recently been resurfaced that the movie was almost downright depressing thanks to two deleted scenes.

If you can handle learning what they are, keep reading.

Like many movies, *Mrs. Doubtfire* has behind-the-scenes secrets to keep its magic alive.

This includes the fact that the producers went through hundreds of pictures to find the perfect grandmother to emulate as Mrs. Doubtfire.

"She had an incredibly sweet face, pretty, prim, very popular and extremely warm," said director Chris Columbus who found the picture.

The hard work from there wasn't over. That's because Robin spent *4.5 hours* in makeup each day.

This wasn't done in vain thankfully, as the movie won the Academy Award for Best Makeup.

Plus, classic Robin made the process fun by cracking jokes the entire time to makeup artist, Ve Neill.

Another major behind-the-scenes secret was how Robin once walked into a sex shop while dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire.

Are we even surprised? The late actor revealed this in a Reddit AMA:

"I walked into a sex shop in San Francisco and tried to buy a (sex toy). Just because. Why not?" Right before paying, the worker realized it was him.

Unfortunately, not all these behind-the-scenes secrets are as heartwarming and hilarious like the movie.

In light of the film's 27th anniversary, it was recently resurfaced that the film had two scenes removed because they were too sad for families.

The first clip showed Daniel (Robin) and Miranda's (Sally) daughter, Lydia (Lisa Jakub), participating in a spelling bee.

But, like many divorced parents at family events, they bickered a lot. This caused Lydia to become distracted during the competition.

Once outside, she wondered why her parents were acting like children.

Then, Daniel came up and apologized, saying, "I'm sorry, I couldn't control myself."

A scene like that is extremely hard to watch for any person, let alone a child of divorce.

It hits close to home for anyone who wished their divorced parents could just get along for their sake.

You can watch the emotional moment yourself below.

The second depressing deleted scene showed Daniel and Miranda having a terrible fight after Miranda learned the truth about Mrs. Doubtfire.

Meanwhile, the kids were upstairs eavesdropping and crying.

Yet again, this moment would hit home for children who have parents who fight a lot or children of divorced parents.

With scenes like these, no wonder they got cut from the film!

Speaking of that, though, even the happy ending of the Hillards getting back together got cut in the end.

The film's screenwriter, Randi Mayem Singer, exited the movie after she was asked to write what was believed was a cliché happy ending.

But since the producers didn't feel that the happy ending made sense, they asked Singer to come back and change the ending back to the parents remaining divorced.

As sad as this is, it does make sense. And it's the ending that we all know (and still love), as the relationship Daniel fixed was the one with his kids.

Alright. After a bit of a depressing turn thanks to those deleted scenes, let's get back to something happy, shall we?

Like, for instance, how Williams hilariously didn't know the Barbara Streisand lyrics when he sang them!

Scott Capurro (Jack) and Harvey Fierstein (Frank) taught him the lyrics to "Don't Rain on My Parade," but he, of course, turned it into his own.

Finally, Robin proved what a sweetie he is by writing a letter to Jakub's school, asking them to take her back.

She had gotten kicked out for missing too many days due to filming. While Robin's letter didn't work, the school framed it. The moment also cemented Williams as a true sweetheart <3

Know any other behind-the-scenes secrets about Mrs. Doubtfire? Let us know in the comments below!