Group Of Women Known As The 'Kindergarten Squad' Celebrate 76 Years Of Friendship

Some of us are lucky to have friendships from a very young age. When we go to school in kindergarten, we begin socializing and making friends for the very first time, hoping that those friendships can withstand the test of time. For many of us, childhood friends don't always last a lifetime.

As we get older, sometimes life gets in the way of our friendships.

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From changing schools to moving away to getting married and having kids, sometimes we grow apart from friends we once had as young children.

However, there are those special friendships that last a lifetime.

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Sometimes when we're lucky, we have friends that last through all of the ups and downs. And, we hope that those friendships continue to last until we're old and gray.

Recently, one group of women from Kansas City, Missouri, proved that some things were made to last as they celebrated their 76th year of friendship.

Sue Karl, Dorothy Chamblin, Patricia Trembly, Barbara Tavanaro, and Philamina Hoffman first met in 1944 at Redemptorist Grade School.

The women call themselves the “Kindergarten Squad."

The group of women has stayed close friends for over 75 years. Having met in kindergarten, the name is only appropriate for their very special "squad."

Now in their 80s, the women have been by each other's sides through all of life's ups and downs.

From weddings to graduations and grandchildren, the women have been by each other's sides for it all. They claim that they feel more like "sisters" than friends.

Being friends for so many years, they've also witnessed history together.

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From World War II to 9/11, and now, a global pandemic, the women have seen some of the most historic moments together as friends. It's as though their friendship is also monumental.

The women still even get together like they did when they were young.

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One of their favorite memories is from 1999 when the women had a sleepover after going to dinner with their husbands on New Year's Eve.

The women said it was "just like old times."

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"Lots of laughing, lots of drinking, lots of cards and I think our husbands got tired of us and went to bed. It’s just things like that that have just kept us so close," Chamblin told FOX 4

We can only hope that all of our friendships last this long!

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Knowing that no matter what happens in life, you still have your "squad" to lean on, it must be a truly beautiful thing.

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