Marriage Quotes That Are So True Your Husband Will Say 'That's Not Funny'

Husbands, I know you feel like we're always picking on you. And maybe we are. But that's only because we love you, and we also love teasing you. We can't really explain it, but it actually brings us joy.

Personally, I think it's better that we do it this way, through hilarious quotes, than by actually teasing you to your face. You probably hate it when we send you these and say "SO TRUE", but does that mean we're going to stop any time soon? No way.

Sorry fellas, but there's another round of husband quotes coming your way. And to all your spouses out there who are reading this, I have just one word: enjoy.

Sure thing, Tim Allen.

My favorite nickname for my own man is Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor because he seems to think he somehow possesses the same effortless handyman skills as the iconic "Home Improvement" character.

And I'm here to tell you that he most certainly does not.

It's a new surprise every week.

Or that the garbage truck comes every Friday morning.

He definitely knows this, yet somehow always finds himself grumbling and swearing on Friday mornings when I tell him he forgot to take the trash out the night before, so now he has to go chase the truck down the street.

I physically hate how true this is.

It's like they wait for you to finish cleaning and leave so they can rush in there and destroy the place in a matter of seconds.

I'm not sure they don't actually look forward to those moments of pure, unnecessary chaos.

Put a bow on me and stick me under the tree.

If he doesn't know I'm a damn gift already, then he's going to this year because the only thing that's going to be under that tree is yours truly.

Merry Christmas!

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