'Mr. Iglesias' Star Tucker Albrizzi Reveals The Difference Between Working For Disney And Netflix

If Tucker Albrizzi looks familiar to you, it's probably because of his impressively long resumé. At just 20-years-old, the Florida-born actor has appeared in a number of hit TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory, The Office, Desperate Housewives, and American Vandal.

Most recently, Tucker has been starring on the hit Netflix series Mr. Iglesias, staring comedian Gabriel Iglesias.

Diply had the exciting opportunity to sit down with Tucker and chat about the upcoming season of the Netflix series, how life has been during the pandemic, and how he became a certified tea master.

Tucker Albrizzi is no stranger to the spotlight. Born in 2000, the Florida-born actor has been onscreen since he was just 8-years-old.

However, his lifelong acting career hasn't gone to his head —Tucker is instantly warm and friendly on the call, and eager to chat about the upcoming season of the hit Netflix show, Mr. Iglesias.

While he couldn't reveal much, he ensures that fans will be delighted with the upcoming season, especially with the finale.

"There will be a lot of dancing," he tells us.

Working with Netflix is a stark contrast to one of his previous employers, Disney.

Tucker worked on the hit Disney Channel series Good Luck Charlie between 2010 and 2013 and explains that working with Netflix is a very different experience.

"I worked on Disney when I was a lot younger. Netflix wasn't competition back then," he recalls.

"Netflix is really good about being able to say whatever you want. They're way more lax. The executives are way more strict on Disney," he continued.

Tucker told us he loves working with Netflix, and hopes to collaborate more with them in the future.

When he isn't making us laugh on-screen, Tucker is playing video games, building computers, and enjoying tea — he is a tea master after all.

As it turns out, one can become sort of a tea sommelier, which is exactly what the actor did back in 2016.

Tucker explained the tea master process to us and honestly, it was equally as interesting and impressive as you'd hope it would be.

He studied in China over the course of two trips to become a certified tea master.

With this level of knowledge, it's not surprising Tucker's go-to tea isn't an instant bag of earl grey.

His is favorite is Da Hong Pao, or Big Red Robe. This oolong rock tea really rocks his world.

When we asked Tucker what his parting advice would be to young actors starting out in the business, he had the most thoughtful and insightful things to say.

"Don't compromise who you are," he insisted.

"Be strong and don't give up."

Mr. Iglesias part three streams on Netflix starting December 8th!

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