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The Biden Transition Team Hid A Job Ad In Their Website's Source Code

Internet sleuths uncovered a secret job advertisement hidden in the source code of President-elect Joe Biden's website. It is actually a common practice to put Easter eggs, or hidden code, in websites. For example, try searching for "Askew" or "do a barrel roll" on Google. You will find some Easter eggs.

It is pretty easy to see a lot of a website's code.

You just need to right click on a website and select the option. This is because a lot of website code is run on your computer. But, you won't be able to see all the code. Back-end code, which controls the logic of the website, runs on the website server, not your device.

The advert was found by Jester Actual and posted on Twitter.

If you would like to find it, go to Joe Biden's website. Once there, right click on the website and select the "View Page Source" option. This will open up a new window with the code.

The message contains instructions to apply for a job to improve the website.

Diply | J. Seaton

On line 9 you will see the message:

The link takes you to the job posting on the U.S. Digital Services website.

The message does not affect the site.

Diply | J. Seaton

The job ad is hidden in a comment, which is ignored by the browser when loading the site. Programmers use comments to add information for themselves or others to make the code easier to read. For example, you can see another comment on line 101 that says where the logo will appear. The color green indicates it is a comment. The symbol "" ends the comment.

This isn't the first time puzzles have been used to recruit talent.

In England during World War II, the government used a crossword puzzle to identify good puzzle solvers. A newspaper held a contest to see how fast people could solve a crossword puzzle. Those that did well were invited to work at Bletchley — a place now famous for cracking German encryption.

So, if you have dreams to become a covert government agent, keep your eyes open. You never know what puzzle could lead you down that path!

h/t: IFL Science