People Are Making Gingerbread Men With Masks For Christmas 2020

With 2020 almost coming to an end, many of us are saying, "finally." The year that was supposed to kick off a brand new decade for all of us turned into one of the craziest years all over the world. From a global pandemic to a wild head-turning election, it's safe to say that everyone is ready for the year to be over.

But, before we count down the days until the ball drops, Christmas is coming right around the corner.


The traditional fun things that many people do for Christmas seem to be taking a back seat this year, as many officials are urging people to stay home and not travel.

On top of that, some officials are limiting the amount of people allowed in people's homes.

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Some governors are saying that there can be no more than 10 people in a home for any holiday gatherings at this point in time.

It's hard to get in the spirit of the holidays with a pandemic on everyone's mind.

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Trying to come up with new traditions and things can be hard because everyone just wants things to go back to normal as soon as possible. Let's face it, it's been a rough year.

Thankfully, someone online has come up with a funny way to combine the pandemic and Christmas season.


We all know that gingerbread cookies are a staple of everyone's holiday season. Who doesn't love making gingerbread houses at home with their families?

Someone online, who is clearly a genius, came up with some pandemic cookies that are hilarious and cute!

Shared through a Facebook meme page, the cookies are gingerbread men with masks on — perfect for a pandemic. We know those cookies aren't six feet apart anyway.

After the meme went viral online, everyone else began picking up on the idea to make mask cookies.

It really is hilarious and adorable. Plus, for young kids, it's a way to make things relevant and break things down for them in a fun and understandable way.

Even some businesses are picking up on the idea.

One Instagram user shared a photo of a gingerbread man from "Tashas," where they clearly are marketing the right way with this idea.

Some people even made regular cookies with mask-wearing emojis!

For parties and other occasions, it seems that the cookie masks are something that everyone is picking up on. It's adorable and clever. Who doesn't want a mask cookie?!

If you're looking for a way to make the holidays unique and special, why not throw masks on your cookies?

It's a fun project to do with your kids, too. Everyone can decorate their own mask and make it their own! Send us some pictures of the finished products!

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