Twitter Roasts Trump For Unusually Tiny Desk During Thanksgiving Election Rant

This month, we've seen a pretty obvious pattern in messaging from the Trump campaign regarding the results of the 2020 presidential election. Namely, that they think President Donald Trump's loss was only possible as a result of widespread, conspiratorial voter fraud.

This was Trump's claim before major media outlets even saw sufficient reason to call the election for Biden and it remains his claim to this day.

However, due to the fact that neither he nor his campaign staff nor his legal representatives have provided any compelling evidence that President-Elect Joe Biden's win was influenced by anything besides the will of the majority of Americans, it's clear that many citizens are becoming increasingly tired of this rhetoric.

But as we can see from a brutal hashtag that has cropped up after the president's latest round of accusations, they don't appear to be tiring of the bizarre ways that he and his allies are trying to get that message across.

On Thanksgiving, Trump held a press conference at the White House in which he claimed yet again that the election was a fraud.

As we can see in this clip provided by The Hill, his rationale appears to be the fact that he found it unbelievable that Biden beat Barack Obama's previous record for most votes attained by a presidential candidate.

And when a reporter began to question this logic, Trump responded in the fashion quoted by The Hill's caption.

But while the president's statements sounded like more of the same, the choice he made in a pulpit for his views caught people's attention a lot more.

As we can see here, he conducted this conference at a particularly small table with the presidential seal on it, which reminded Twitter users of the kid's table at a Thanksgiving gathering.

And thus, the hashtag #DiaperDon was born.

As another user counted down the days until Biden assumes office, they also suggested the president's priorities were out of whack.

As COVID-19 outbreaks continue to spiral out of control in the United States and hopes for another relief bill for citizens remain uncertain, it seemed to this person that Trump looked at these crises and said, "this is fine."

For others, Trump's lashing out at the reporter only completed the childlike perception his small desk put in their heads.

And as we can see, this person broke out both Photoshop and an entire baby ensemble to capture the moment.

That's one big bonnet.

For another user, the desk seemed like the people at Playskool had designed a presidential playset.

While it's impossible to cover the most notable chapters of Trump's presidency in just one picture, this edit seems to make an ambitious attempt.

Although one user was willing to frame Trump as a little older than these other edits, they still couldn't stop seeing him as childish.

And so, the whole scene appeared to them like a school play with bizarrely sophisticated set design, yet one that couldn't get their authentic replica of the Resolute Desk done in time.

The situation reminded another user of a different surreal event that saw similar claims made by members of Trump's campaign.

As NPR reported, Trump tweeted about a campaign event held at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia on the day the election was called but the world soon learned that his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, would be speaking at Four Seasons Total Landscaping rather than the hotel.

It's hard not to see the parallels here.

Speaking of the landscaping company, a parody account modeled after the business turned up to offer its two cents' worth as well.

While it's unclear what led Trump to choose this environment or this table for the press conference, it is clear that including the presidential seal on it was a deliberate choice.

From what we've seen in response to this photo, it seems the mission to avoid looking silly was not accomplished.