10+ Plot Holes In Pixar Movies Fans Will Never Forget

Pixar holds a special place in many of our hearts.

They've created some of the most heartwarming, memorable movies that we still rewatch to this day.

But that's not to say that they're entirely perfect. Like many movies out there, there are plot holes that are just super hard to forgive.

Here are 10+ of them.

The fact that Remy can control Alfredo just by tugging on his hair.

We're not looking for a realistic answer here. I mean, the movie is about a chef who is a rat.

But it's still weird to think that Remy can control everything about the amateur cook by simply tugging on his hair.

When Hector is afraid of being forgotten in *Coco*.

Hector is afraid of being forgotten because Coco is the "last" person who remembers him.

However, Coco knows of Hector because of his current relatives. Who are alive. Why fret, Hector?

When Woody could have fit through the blue crate in *Toy Story*.

This is a plot hole and a literal hole.

He could have escaped through the hole in the blue crate when he was trapped. And yet, he didn't. It's JACK COULD HAVE FIT ON THE DOOR in Titantic all over again.

The structures in *Cars*.

Unless these cars are Transformers who sprout hands and legs, it's impossible that cars could build buildings and other structures around town.

Without any humans around, it doesn't make sense.

The missing exhaust fumes in *Cars 2*.

Speaking of Cars, one thing that comes with cars is a lot of exhaust fumes.

Yet, the villain in the second movie, Miles Axlerod, is later discovered to be running on gasoline like everyone else. But no one can smell or see the gas fumes?

When the dogs identify Russell in *Up* as a tiny mailman.

With the dogs not being in contact with civilization for decades, it made no sense that they would be able to even know the word "mailman."

When Joy from *Inside Out* trusted her emotions with her core memories.

She witnessed firsthand how Sadness turned her memories into something sad.

And yet, when it came to her other core memories, she easily trusted the other emotions, Anger, Disgust, Fear, etc, to not do the same thing.

When Sid isn't affected at all by seeing toys come to life in *Toy Story 3*.

First of all, how crazy is it that Sid's the garbage man??

Once we get past that, we can focus on how he's so well-adjusted and normal after seeing toys come alive right in front of him?

If that were us, we'd spend a lot of time in therapy.

When Destiny's vision is magically fixed in *Finding Dory*.

In the film, she identifies the dome by pointing at it and listing off descriptive characteristics.

But this would be impossible for her since she's near-sighted and can't see that far.

Buzzlight Year not thinking he's a toy in *Toy Story*.

The toy goes through a mid-life toy crisis in the first film. He firmly believes that he's real and not a toy.

But if that were true, then why does he basically act dead whenever Andy tries to play with him? Wouldn't he just be his real, alive self?

When no one spots the moving bear in *Brave*.

This happened when Merida was giving her speech on "breaking tradition." But since Merida's family were facing towards the crowd, wouldn't they have seen a bear moving around everyone?

They're not exactly small.

The sinks in the bathrooms in *Cars 2*.

Maybe this is why the film was so poorly rated?

Basically, there are sinks in the bathroom even though they are way too small for the cars to even use. Somebody didn't think this through.

When Al McWhiggin travels faster than the speed of light in *Toy Story 2*

After the gang manage to rescue Woody from the toy collector, they see him in an advertisement shortly after.

Unless Al is a time-traveling human, it made no sense that he was able to travel to Toyko, notice his toys were missing, and return home. All in less than a day.

Dory's memory in *Finding Nemo*.

You could say that Dory has the mind of a man — AKA very selective (we kid, we kid).

But seriously, she says that she has memory loss, and yet, she remembers very specific things, such as the address for 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

How long it took the monsters of *Monsters Ink* to learn that laughs generate more power than screams.

For tech-savvy monsters, they sure weren't too smart.

I mean, they were able to build unbelievable technology with doorways that are practically portals.

The exact date of when Mike and Sully met in *Monsters Ink*.

This was a major continuity error.

In the first film, Mike says “you’ve been jealous of my good looks since the fourth grade!” But in the follow-up film, it shows the best friends meeting at university.

When humanity sent robots back to earth to clean up the planet in *Wall-E*.

Yet, as they stayed in space, they became very fat and technologically dependent.

This meant that coming back to the Earth would be pointless to begin with.

The security cameras in *Toy Story 4*.

When the gang arrive at Sunnyside, Buzz leaves their room and goes out to explore the building.

But none of this is captured on camera, even though Woody later discovers that the cameras are running 24/7.

When Dory remembers her family in *Finding Dory*

While this moment was uber adorable and truly tugged at the heartstrings, isn't she the forgetful blue fish?

Despite this, Dory was able to find her family in the end. Was it believable? No. But was it adorable? Yes, so we'll give it a pass.